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Ignoring the rather average statistics (I've had a pretty heavy work week and needed a light run) - I'm massively impressed with the #Garmin #Fenix3  (Sapphire) - A little birthday present this week! I'm going to head out for a lengthy road cycle early next week along the beaches, then I"ll be writing up a review. It's an amazing piece of #fitness kit!
+Garmin D (German)
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It is the coolest watch! The only thing it doesn't do is make you breakfast in bed! 
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Swimming with a Stingray - a pretty special moment for me and +Yoon-Mi Kim yesterday. We went for an early morning snorkel (about 8am) and were rewarded with a heap of amazing ocean life. Flea spotted this stingray, herded it in my direction that swam like the clappers in the opposite direction. it was just curious about what we were up to. #stingray   #underwater   #perth   #WesternAustralia  
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Admirável amigo ...Tenha uma boa tarde!
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Point Peron - Western Australia #diving
A rather spectacular little #nudibranch spotted on the reef off Point Peron yesterday. We also swam with a stingray and got a little video!
#underwaterphotography  link »
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Beautiful capture!
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It was quite a spectacular morning in Perth today, with a heavy fog lingering over the city until well after sunrise. It reminded me a bit of #SanFrancisco  · We were up in #KingsPark  for a run and a few trips up and down Jacob's Ladder - a pretty wonderful view!

Photo: Kings Park & the ANZAC memorial · an unusual fog bank for Perth!

#Perth   #Fitness  
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Look beautiful!
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We spent the evening with the cameras up in the Perth hills; a pretty magnificent place to catch the sunset!
Depressingly, my #nexus7 got nice and smashed up... so I might have to go shopping for a new tablet tomorrow.

#perth +Yoon-Mi Kim#photography

Check out @AshNathens's Tweet:
“We're up in the #Perth hills tonight. It's going to be a glorious sunset! #australia @tweetperth @jellykim”
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let us know next time you head up this way!! xx
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What a shameful time and circumstance in which to be congratulating oneself.

Check out @rupertmurdoch's Tweet:

#sydney #australia
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Ashlan Nathens

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my Flea... she's a very talented lady ♥ She crocheted a little scribbler!
Flea vs the scribbler!
The eternally stupendous and ever so amazing +Yoon-Mi Kim has taken her crochet skills to dizzying heights by taking on the Scribbler... er, me! Check out this amazing little stitch-scribble - her #valentines gift to me! ♥ I feel so very loved :)
If you're not following scribblegraph on twitter, add it now - there's a bit of a special treat lined up for the big day tomorrow. Those who have been following me since the rock-age of Google+ may remember these, but I hope you all enjoy the #LoveIs  journey.
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Butterflies · Simon's Cat
This is « so » Flea & me ··· it's quite scary how perfect this video is.
Happy #valentines +Yoon-Mi Kim !!
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Ashlan Nathens

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Fluffy gets her Face/Off. I donated Jasmine's various old stuffed teddies & toys to Flea's crafty projects. Today I heard Flea giggling maniacally at the other end of the house, and thought, "Well, I suppose I had better discover what's going on...." I gathered my courage and packed all of my nerve in a little bag, and went into her office. This is what I discovered; faces, corpses, and one crazed Korean with a scalpel.

#terrified  of +Yoon-Mi Kim 
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+Mary C. Ahh... wasn't that cute, I did it a favour really.

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How is Flea enjoying Australian biscuits, beaches and wildlife? And, more importantly, how is she surviving it all? Despite the constant threat of spiders and snakes, she's still here and alive!

Here's a couple of recent photos and a few tales to go along with them:)
» Full Post:

#Australia   #Perth   #snake   #spider   #photography
+Yoon-Mi Kim 
Flea has had to do some adjusting since she moved here to Australia: snakes, spiders and bone-melting heat.
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Ashlan Nathens

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A sub-aquatic Merry Christmas!
To all our friends and family in all the many places around the world; wishing you a very safe, joyous & Merry Christmas! Myself and the quietly suffering +Yoon-Mi Kim are spending as much time as we can in the water - Perth is shaping up for yet another scorcher of a summer, and just quietly I think this one might be one for the record books.

I'm off to work for the night, so Flea will probably enjoy the peace and quiet with her new beloved: Poirot.

Joyeux Noël, one and all!
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I can't believe I somehow missed this photo. That has to be one of the siliest grins I've ever seen.

Smile. Click. Don't drown.  
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Juvenile stingray - Point Peron WA
We woke up to a forecast of 36°C and decided to head straight to the beach. I took down our spanking new #Olympus TG-3 and nearly immediately bumped into this chap!

I have a heap of photos & video from 2 separate dives today with the Olympus and I'll write up a bit of a review after I thrash it again next weekend. I'm hoping to get out on the kayak and get some photos of the seals & dolphins around Seal & Penguin Islands.

I'm loving being able to take photos in the water:) Summer's here!  #waterphotography   #Summer   #Australia  
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Awwsmm dude
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Looking for scribbles? I share them at the +scribblegraph page. I hope you enjoy the illustrations there; please follow the page for updates & to see the new scribbles, or check the website.

If you would like to request a scribblegraph (or a scribblecrush illustration) please contact me via the scribblegraph website.

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Other than scribbling, I play guitar, write music, and post stuff at I listen to a lot of different music, read a lot of different genres, and watch virtually no television (but I do currently have  an addiction to: Archer, The Newsroom & Game of Thrones.)

I'm an avid reader; I love sci-fi, fantasy, fiction / contemporary fiction. I love talking about and sharing books with other readers. Amongst my favourite authors are: Neal Stephenson, Robin Hobb, John Connolly, Richard Bach, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dave Duncan, David Mitchell, Helen Garner, Peter Benchley, Philip Pullman...

I'm Australian, I love my food and a good scotch.
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