Considering a startup? Think Again.

The refrain is all too familiar: If you want to change the world and get rich in the process, then just go for it.

The problem isn't what the message says, but what it doesn't. What it fails to say is that the start-up life isn't for everyone.

What I like about this post?
I could very well resonate with the points in this article on why everyone shouldn't run a startup. #1 being that the start-up life isn't for everyone. From my own experience of running a startup and miserably failing at it, and when I look back I think it was too early for me to jump into it..perhaps I wanted to be the part of the bandwagon too :) But more importantly, I thought it was something that was morally and sensibly right for me to do at that time...

And what I've learned? Well, I'll just sum it up in this saying "You still can go and row the boat, even if you don't know how to swim. But be sure you put on a life jacket. Better still, learn how to swim."

That said, I'm still learning how to walk. And it wouldn't be long for me to start running again...
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