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Great work by India
India launches an unmanned model space shuttle into orbit, joining the race to develop reusable space crafts.
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Insane, Really Insane :o

Such Specs are minds blowing. Device is expected to be released next year.
Smartphones are getting smarter day by day. Turing Phone is a company that make very powerful devices and here we are with the Turing Phone Cadenza. It has.
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This Was Part of the Moon eclipse I filmed from start to Finnish.This Photo was Taken Outside My House On The East Coast Of Canada.
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Endless stars serve as a majestic backdrop for a lonely airplane.
Information about the photograph:…
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Teleportation is a form of Telepathy, as explained below. One way to conceptualize the practice of Teleportation, as described in some books (see below), is to realize some things about the galaxy. In its movement around Milky Way that takes a galactic year, the solar system has a speed of 483,000 miles per hour (somewhere around half a million the exact number varies depending on who you ask), so at any given moment we sit or walk, we are moving at that speed. This helps with the visualization of teleportation that some people have a hard time to conceptualize after reading books like "Teleportation". The shifting into another dimension can also be quick and you can leave a copy of yourself at original point, at least in spirit form - and nobody knows you teleported, but it's possible to make copies of oneself too, physical copies, if one is super-advanced. :).

In its movement around some bigger universal structure, our local area of the universe is moving at a much greater speed than 500000 miles per hour, in a cycle that takes billions of years. So, we are always moving at an unbelievable speed.

The galactic year is 225 to 250 million terrestrial years (circling around the center of Milky Way) ►

Teleportation!: A Practical Guide for the Metaphysical Traveler ►


Telepathy is an ESP ability which can be said to include all the others ultimately as applied subcategories, as with it we learn eternally and we discover everything about Teleportation, astral travel, living without eating, de/materializing objects and forcefields, Translating into other dimensions, passing thru walls physically. We can say that Telepathy includes astral travel (see many free videos and books on astral travel at, since the astral body is a consciousness construct with which the causal body explores astral dimensions or physical universes, which are themselves consciousness constructs :). Telepathy includes all forms of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc - transferring information from one consciousness to another. It's something present to some degree in all people and animals, even some dogs know when owner starts driving home. This is a list of some of the basic forms of telepathy:

1. Telepathy between us and nearby physical people we talk to.
2. Telepathy between people 1 mile or 10000 miles or 1 trillion light years away.
3. Telepathy in form based spirit worlds.
4. Telepathy from physical to spirit and spirit to physical.
5. Telepathy in formless spirit worlds beyond time-space as we know them.
6. Telepathy from one physical location subatomic coordinates to another physical location subatomic coordinates - for easing the teleportation of matter OR ONE'S BODY, the dematerialization of matter and forcefields, the materialization of matter and forcefields, passing thru walls (anyone who has this mastered can escape from a location). The Body is a hologram, an informational pattern ultimately, and all matter is energy and consciousness. Teleportation is simply a shift in consciousness, a telepathizing of information patterns.
7. Telepathy from one physical location subatomic coordinates to another inter-dimensional location subatomic coordinates - for easing the inter-dimensional translation of matter-energy without re-appearing at another location for a long time or never - dissolving matter irreversibly into astral energy - just like the stories of Jesus, Elijah, Vallalar, some Tibetan Buddhists and a lot more others.

Habits that are hypothesized to promote Telepathy (and all the other abilities explained above)

1. ultra peaceful music (avoid music that is upbeat and only listen to peaceful one to counteract the extreme violence in world music, movies, literature, speech, society, tv, radio) in one's surroundings to neutralize the ultra-violent general thought patterns of present day humanity which naturally contaminate us as we live in this world. If you are already peaceful, no music is needed, but what i mean is if you ever listen to music, choose peaceful meditative ones, if you want to develop ESP faster and become more compassionate and empathic. A restless person often manages to piss everyone off. lol :)

2. Gentleness (as in the humblest, least knowing (not knowing, gentleness never knows anything, it always learns), non-assuming most tender softest most feminine most nurturing most peaceful energy and approach) in thoughts, feelings and actions - and also in words. We forget this so much, i do all the time. lol. Ultra gentle speech (this is VERY hard to do, as we are not used to it) - very feminine and full of loving kindness and seeing the person we talk to as the immortal soul they are...:) a shapeshifting Lightbeing just like we see spirits in astral. This one is extremely difficult to practice for people who lose their cool at times, since the moment we raise our voice we completely lose the capacity to be a good telepath for a while - since anger doesn't radiate compassion and kindness and naturally, no strong spiritual ability emerges if we are not kind to all beings - since spiritual ability is based on tuning into the unified field thru being nice to all. :) We see the violent tone of voice in movies and hear it from peers or parents and this brainwashes us to imitate it in our vain attempt to communicate our frustration. But we can change it. I am far from practicing this, but this is what is needed. :)

3. tranquility - remember to calm down when the environment is causing the old "reactive and non-gentle" patterns to return - and if needed, you can wear earphones with peaceful music while going shopping, etc - as it will help a faster de-brainwashing of subconscious mind from aggressiveness.

4. avoid alcohol, smoking, meat (at least avoid eating a lot of meat or just eat fish, since fish is healthier anyway), drugs and be kind-gentle-nurturing-helpful to all beings:), respect their space, beliefs, understanding and free will - just like a mom does with her half year old infant. :) Also, avoid any dairy coming from factory farms, as the pain in the animals is energetically transmitted into the milk-cheese-eggs and distorts psychic perceptions and hinders them. Only loving kindness for all beings perceives clearly, so when we become the pain we no longer see things clearly. :) Ideally, a vegan diet is best, :), as long as you get omega 3 fatty acids and DHA-EPA and vitamin B12. :) The one thing many have noticed is that 100% raw vegan diet always leads to higher ESP, if it is organic. Organic produce has 5 times more biophotons than conventional produce (for details see, so eating 50% raw and organic leads to getting 2.5 more biophotons than 100% raw conventional produce diet. But i know that's ultra difficult in some countries and areas of the planet.

5. Whisper now and then when talking - as it creates an even gentler connection with the astral body and an astral brain-physical brain resonance and circuit with the heart-throat chakras - if accompanied by loving kindness. This means whispering instead of talking (with family and friends) and very low volume (almost like semi whispering or borderline talking-whispering) gentle soft healing feminine talking when we need to talk to strangers and others who are not into whispering. It activates the astral brain centers responsible for reshaping physical brain so that the brain is being morphed into a telepathic one, physically and astrally telepathic, spirit-spirit, spirit-physical telepathy. This also allows us to hear spirits more often, because when we speak loud, we generate physical noise that is far bigger than the spirit whispers that sometimes become almost audible.

6. energy exercises of radiating out (exteriorization of your energies) love-peace-joy and absorption (interiorization of energies in higher dimensions of universal compassion around you for example) as those taught by and other places - or moving energy from third eye to crown chakra in a loop ► or the crown infusion with cosmic energy ► or breathing in and out the light of universal peace ►

7. being a very good listener (this one is ultra hard to practice, the hardest of all, lol) - speaking when asked only. :) This 7th one is something only the most advanced beings can do, :), as it requires a mind blowing self-control. :)

8. When you look at things, people, surroundings, be gentle and sweet, be relaxed, almost like shifting to peripheral vision sometimes, as this activates some of the mechanisms that foster natural astral and physical telepathy. Fill your gaze with universal gentle compassion for all beings and bless people with rays of light and healing compassion-kindness from the zero point energy field ►

9. When we exercise, or walk, or do qi gong or yoga or stretch, we can bring the softness gentleness and ethereal quality, as when we are shifting inter-dimensionally from one world to the other, like in astral travel or like in those movies when matter body becomes spirit, we try to eliminate the boundaries, thru harmony, so as to better meld the astral physical brains into the patterns of zero point energy field and the very telepathic people and spirits. We can imagine as if we are walking on a sea of energy and everything we touch is made of energy, sometimes we may even merge with another dimension temporarily after decades of practice, or develop 360 vision while in the body, thru astral awakening and unity with the field. When we walk, imagine we are walking on a shimmering sea of boundless compassion (you can even see it as purple or pink or lavender if you wish) and that with every step we are creating ripples that affect the whole sea, the whole universe, every human being, so that we can transmute each step into a movement of grace that radiates loving kindness and healing gentleness into this sea of energy, this shimmering sparkling energy we call ground (which appears solid, but is pure energy), and we create that music, when we walk, if we pay attention, we may even hear vibrations and the music as in the spirit worlds when everything has a music, life, light of its own, the ground we walk on, etc. So, this is a technique to bring awareness to what we are creating, what quality of energy are we sending to Earth when we walk, to the whole collective of all beings, this can make us much better at radiating peace and compassionate forgiving kindness to all living beings, while we simply walk for developing better telepathy. Each time we touch the ground, there is an astral sound, and how is it? It is loving, harmonious, orderly, healing or is it chaos and disharmony generating? We try to listen to the astral sound, and we will get feedback from spirits about how to attune our energy transmissions. This walk - of shifting and singing thru vibrations and patterns we imprint on the sea of universal consciousness - may even lead to teleportation once in a lifetime too, but it will help a lot with telepathy. One way to better conceive and feel what I am trying to say is this: when we walk, we walk on the shimmering sea of boundless energy, we are held by the ground, by the zero point field, by God's Love or Tao or whatever you use for that, we are held in an embrace by the ground who fills us with all the serenity-affection-love we could imagine. Similarly, when we walk thru the air, we walk thru the love in the air, we walk thru this sea of limitless compassion-kindness-sweetness that holds us, hugs us, embraces us, and helps us to shift into a state of deeper oneness with the field. :) This enables us to be a mini-sea of affection so to speak - instead of seeking affection. We become more of a geyser of universal patience and compassion, of subtle affection for anyone who may run into us - thru the action of the energy around us (affection without touching anyone, just being around us) - even if we don't try to love anyone or tell them anything - by us being in the field, we are helping others reach peace too, which is what people seek ultimately - inner peace. This therapeutic energy can even turn hate into compassion, enemy into friend, etc. This can be applied to any movement, including when touching the phone screen, the keyboard, are we touching it and emitting loving kindness, do we fill the dishes we wash, the counter we wipe, the keyboard we type on, the door knob we touch with universal nurturing compassion and gentleness? This method may be used on other planets to develop spiritual abilities. Of course, only an angelic being can get them as the process is one of inner transformation into an angelic being so to speak. This idea can also be applied to any chore, activity, even to simple things like opening mail, writing a check, writing a note somewhere on a letter or address on an envelope, etc. :) As we move the pen or finger gently tenderly softly on a phone typing a text or a keyboard or an envelope etc, we shift it into another dimension so to speak and activate the brain center for telepathy and begin to connect with the pre-birth memories that provide new clues into telepathy. :)

Walking meditation is supposed to be ultra slow. That's how we develop true brain center synchronization and prevent brain aging, that's the principle of a lot of longevity techniques, visualization, breathing, walking, awareness all done at once - instead of just focusing on physical movement of muscles (one brain center). The qi gong teacher ( whose papers showed his qi emissions killed cancer cells, not healthy cells explains this well. 3 of his papers are below. Hundreds of papers have been published in science journals about the ability of qi to heal many conditions. Here are 3 papers about qi destroying cancer cells:


Preliminary research shows that qi emissions are accompanied by medium IR waves of the 3-5 micron wavelength ► This is why some European hospitals have used IR mats that generate medium IR waves to heal many conditions for about a century ► IR waves were discovered in 1800 by Sir Frederick William Herschel (he also discovered Uranus in 1781). For more Qi Miracles, see this mind blowing Japanese qi guy ► (the post has a lot more qi mind blowing things from other people too, from China, Indonesia, etc) or this These things happen in all countries with some people who can tap into the zero point energy field:) or whatever. :)

All these healers walk slowly. It helps to tap into the zero point energy field and become a World Peace instrument, instead of something else or the opposite (restlessness instrument). :) Rushing creates restless energy and ultimately harms us (just like the we trip and hurt ourselves as kids or adults when rushing), not because of tripping, but also due to the hyper-restlessness creating more unpeaceful emotions that lead to conflict in relationships or with other nations as a result of mass consciousness emotional fields being too "restlessness filled".

The holistic approach leads to more whole brain functioning and more inner peace. I am a much more into "gentle walking" now person than ever before, due to noticing some amazing things happening during meditation walking :) The world is probably at war also because everyone is so obsessed with physical fitness and spiritual fitness is non-existent during "exercising or walking".

Just like rock and restless music blocks telepathy, fast exercising and walking also blocks telepathy from its best development. This is a new hypothesis: fast walking irritates the calm serene soul center that connects us with empathetic compassion and the zero point energy field. When we are rushed in life in general we cannot see the subtle at all, nor take time to observe the stuff that is barely perceptible and hardest to see. :)

10. When we smile what we do, even while sitting on a chair talking to someone, is shifting the position of the mouth muscles slightly, as we do for our legs when we walk. One telepathy habit explained above is to move as if we are shifting into another world, slowly, to walk like we thread on thin ice. If we are in a situation where such walking is not feasible, we can practice the shifting of dimensions thru the gentle movement of our moving (due to breathing) belly and of our mouth (due to smiling). What this does is create an ever slightly closer connection with the zero point energy field ultimately, as we shift in and out of it thru awareness using biological movement processes to guide the intent of connecting with the kindness field. One can even begin to become invisible partially theoretically, since the field has infinite energy. The movement of the eyes as they relax the gaze to the universally gentle kindness for all beings look - can be a trigger for shifting and concentrating astral rays of healing. It can be done even while we relax or meditate with eyes closed, it can allow better remote viewing too (as long as intent is noble and world peace enhancing), since RV is telepathy. There is nothing hidden from the intelligent intent reading zero point energy field, so as we shift more into it, we become slightly more telepathic. Non-local, wormholes in the eyes, staring at the light of universal mercy-forgiveness-compassion, transducing the matter into another world, as a poem of translation. As the belly, facial and eye muscles are moving and shifting, as it were, they are swimming in the ocean of everlasting grace, light and compassion of God or zero point energy. :) And it's like a gel made of the sweetest softness that brushes against these muscles, as the translation advances. To smile silently, one cannot speak, and not speaking makes it easier to be HYPER-AWARE, OBSERVE, LISTEN to TELEPATHY from Spirits and to Radiate healing peaceful vibes. :)

11. Honesty (no lies) enhances ESP a lot too, as good evolved spirits aid us by the power of truth force to become hyper-telepathic. 100 honest words are often more impactful and valuable than 100000 words of lies mixed with some truth.

12. Celibacy (i.e. sex for pro-creation only) also helps to transmute sexual energies and body resources used in fluid production towards the renewal of the body, optimal emotional self-control, higher serenity, better ESP and telepathy, more meditation, more universal kindness instead of lust, less mental energy spent when seeing a "hot" person, since we are already aware of the advantages, etc.

13. Speaking (regardless if whisper or sweet voice or normal tone) moderately or less - since talking too much takes the energy in the outer world too much - with little time left to evolve our telepathy as explained in the Evolutive Telepathy post ► It's the idea of that Abraham Lincoln quote "Better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt". It's also the shift of energy from crown (top of the head) to the throat chakra, even when whispering. It's harder to maintain a state of smiley sheer ecstatic joy (and to send love to others as in remote telepathic healing ► when talking, especially idle talking that adds little to a discussion that people didn't know already and repeats old ideas. If we talk and shift vibration into hurtful sarcastic jokes, we shift away from evolutive telepathy. While something may seem a joke to us, it may offend other people or even upset them slightly. Then it will be harder to distinguish between spirits and their energies and telepathic patterns and our telepathy becomes jammed. Speaking less enables us to practice sending silently love-healing-kindness-peace waves more, and this helps us too, as it shifts our energy towards compassion and away from showing off by speaking. True kindness needs no words, the best leaders are unknown to those they lead (as they act without unnecessary speech), as Lao Tze explained. The second best leaders are loved by all.

TELEPORTATION and Telekinesis of small objects and

Pansini Boys Teleportation

Telekinesis and Levitation of the human body (Joseph Cupertino and others)

Teleportation of Jacob Mutton

14. Another thing that promotes Telepathy and Teleportation is actually trying hard to prove to yourself and others that Telepathy is real. THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO PROVE TELEPATHY IS REAL TO YOURSELF:

Random number, color or message experiment with a friend or relative ► just ask your friend to be receptive and send him some words and have him figure out what it was. You may have to repeat the word many times (more than 2 minutes, for newbies, it may need 10-30 minutes even) before he can tell you what you TELEPATHIZED to him (you can do it in the same room or over the phone, but both need to be very relaxed). You can also do it within a 24 hour span, with his permission of course, and then he has to guess the hour it was sent and what the message was. There are many ways to do it.

Color Experiment to prove Telepathy to Yourself: (this is proof for a more subtle form of telepathy, one between you and spirit guides - not between 2 living people)

Number Experiment to prove Telepathy to Yourself: (this is proof for a more subtle form of telepathy, one between you and spirit guides - not between 2 living people)

Note - these experiments take time to accomplish, you cannot just in a normal state guess the numbers in 1 minute, you need to enter a state of union with the unified field of infinite compassion ► Some can do it in 2 minutes, others (most) take much longer. You need to be totally certain this is the number/color when you made the choice and have confidence in your perceptions and why it is that choice.

15. Reading about TELEPATHY CASES also enhances telepathy:


Pre-conception and pre-birth Telepathy

Daughter reads mind of her mom exactly

Telepathic boy who can also read in 7 languages

human-leopard telepathy

human-plant telepathy

human-bird telepathy

human-dog telepathy

human-parrot telepathy

human-pet telepathy

16. The ideal is to Praise All and criticize none. If nothing good to say, we can be silent and silently pray for or envelop in peaceful healing energies or bless the person that "seems bad". Any bad thought or word makes Telepathy of subtler nature harder and it just makes us less happy anyway. Criticizing oneself is fine, but not anyone else. :) Forgiveness never criticizes anyone. The self alone is to blame for anything one perceives as "bad" in the world. "Bad" is someone's learning journey in this school and it's pointless to label people or judge them, because only advanced spirits and God know what lessons each soul came to learn in the physical universe. Whatever people do is their choice, only higher powers know the soul intent which is often unknown to the conscious mind. A very nice soul may choose to be bad briefly for a few years for a higher purpose (healing others, reforming something, etc) unknown to all. Everything we think and speak influences the person we think/speak about a tiny tiny bit, even if a trillionth of what they are influenced when they think themselves. So if we want the best timeline for every human being, the best World Peace timeline, we need to overcome the bad habit of criticizing others. :) I know, it's almost impossible, as everyone does it almost at least once a year. :) The main person affected by useless criticism is the person criticizing usually, wasting their mental energy, when they could do something more productive for humanity. :) Nobody changes because of our words. As we change, the world changes, since we are all connected on the subtler astral levels. :) No need to try change others by criticizing them. And once again, the gentle walking is a great aid in avoiding slipping back into the worldly criticizing self. lol. ☻♥ A good mantra or saying to recall sometimes when we are tempted to criticize others is "Everyone is an Angelic Shimmering Immortal Lightbeing, except me who has so many faults. Everyone is a Perfect Spiritual Teacher in disguise, an Avatar of Soul Immortality, except me, the eternal student. Nobody is bad or Macho, except me. I don't know others, only GOD does, so therefore, assuming they are saints is a humble good step that keeps the ego in check. :)"

17. Evolutive or Evolving Telepathy and Evolutive or Evolving (meaning eternally improving) Speech or Writing. has more details. It is much better for developing telepathy with the more evolved spirits (who are less linguistic and more conceptual) to avoid using negative words... see the long explanation at the link above.

18. Lowering Noise Levels - i.e. playing music at low volume or closing the window if traffic noise is heard, promoting low volume music, low volume concerts, spending time in silence. Music above 100 db is safe for 15 minutes only and has bad effects on telepathy and physical hearing ► The effect of music and sound is explained more at The benefits of a quiet environment are explained in dozens of studies like ► Loud noise can even cause heart attacks when it is chronic ► Hence, supporting electric cars is good for telepathy, as they are quieter ► Those supporting more silent technologies and lower volume concerts, etc will get more help from the evolved spirits in the afterlife.

The ultra destructive effect of loud concert sound on the brain and the organs is detailed at

19. Avoiding rock and upbeat music headbanging, even if normal sound level ► Headbanging is a sure way to diminish brain health, kill brain cells and lower telepathy performance - even to cause strokes and permanent brain damage like some musicians inflicted on themselves.

"We identified a definite risk of mild traumatic brain injury from headbanging," Dr Andrew McIntosh, of the University of New South Wales (UNSW). "We would suggest a proper public health warning, as for smoking." ► British Medical Journal free full paper The average heavy metal song, with a tempo of 146 bpm, is likely to cause mild injury if the head's range of motion is greater than 75 degrees. Songs with 180 bpm can cause strokes that damage the person for their whole life, as has happened to many musicians. The Tao Te Ching explains that the gentle lives long and endures, while the hard dies faster due to the violence and forcefulness that is inflexible, unyielding. ►

20. Getting enough sleep each day See also University of Pennsylvania researchers found that getting enough sleep each day (some people need 6, others need 9 or more , especially younger people) is a good way to prevent brain cell death and permanent brain damage. Naturally, this means it is a good way to enhance the best telepathy performance, which is dependent on brain performance.FREE 2014 FULL PAPER IN THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE

Telepathy is dependent on serenity and loving kindness, on order and low chaos. When our sleep habits are very chaotic, even if we get say 8 hours of sleep daily, it can diminish brain performance and telepathy performance too. Hence the old adage of "getting more regular going to bed hours, more even amounts of sleep daily, having a regular sleep schedule is better", seems now to be confirmed by science.
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