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Asher Simonds
I like to draw little green robots. RIT Alum
I like to draw little green robots. RIT Alum

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In this first edition of Design Snippets, we explore how an email app called Notion successfully onboards users through user education, casual and friendly language, and sensitivity to user context.

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Much love!
I wanted to give a quick shout out to two Android apps that designers and app UI developers might find very useful in their work.

Huge thanks to both of the app teams! Android developer and designer community is amazing. Many of us spend our free time to make everyone's work easier.

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Some folks (+Dave Kover +Clark Scheff, +Aaron James) and I launched an app for Android to help designers and developers review their built work.

It was created based on a little hackathon project we worked on a year ago, but we're eager to add more to it if there's interest.

Check it out - it's free!

#ui #ux #androiddesign #androiddev

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A tome to explore.
This blog post is unbelievably amazing. It's great to see someone put all of this information into one place and to have such an amazing showcase of living, breathing examples.

If you have any interest at all in how vector animations are built for Android, you really need to read through this and play with those demos that he's included.

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I've always seen the absence of typical engine sounds as an opportunity for automotive design to control and own another piece of their products' character. Consider Harley Davidson's trademarked exhaust note - you hear it and know it before you see it.

Electric vehicles now provide sound designers with a clean slate to produce a new wave of tonal branding that's beyond what's expected.

Consider Saleen's work on creating a signature sound in its Tesla project:

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Nick's stuff is always great and accessible.
The video of my Droidcon NYC talk is now up. In it I go through a number of examples of how and why to build meaningful motion into your apps.

Unfortunately the slides in the video are static so i'd recommend checking out the slide deck here: (which also has notes in the ℹ️ field).

#AndroidDev #AndroidDesign

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Gone are the good old days when Mr Jingles dressed up for holidays. 
Animated Photo

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Wherein Matias discusses his shirts and everyone talks about Material's new home and design's impact at Google.

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Go virtually anywhere. What a time to be alive.
+Russell Holly #vr
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