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I was really excited for this project to see the same story told in different groups but no one has posted their sessions so I decided to start. (And try to edit it pocket sized play style)

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Queerness and Games con put out their call for games, I'd urge any LGBT game makers to apply! This was my favorite conference in Los Angeles (this year they moved to Concordia University, Montréal).

Next week I go to my first rpg convention (Orccon). Is there somewhere I should look for The Veil? I know some brick and mortar publishers have it (but none nearby) not sure if anyone will have it at the con.

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I tell almost everyone I know who's into web audio and podcasts how much I love Huffduffer.

I should tell Jeremy Keith more often I love that he runs this little service: Thanks for making the world so much brighter!
I ❤️ Huffduffer
I ❤️ Huffduffer
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I want to create an open thread for folk's blogs and such (anything with an rss feed). If you write about tabletop roleplaying games it would be cool to create and easy way to follow everyone.

Hello, I keep hearing about the X card in this community and I wanted to start using it! The trouble is I play online and i think everywhere I've seen talk about it is face to face play. How do you facilitate using the X card in online play? Are there tricks to take away the cognitive load? I know for games over video chat I've heard folks can put up their arms in an X but this doesn't work over audio or text roleplay. Also you still have to think about it whereas an X card on the table gives you a constant reminder that it is there.

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I was looking at the original Veil Kickstarter and noticed this example map! I thought we could create a thread of maps people have used or maybe talk about how to incorporate them into play.
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Can someone clarify where to get the playbooks?

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Hey all,
I was reinstalling elementary for beta 2 and the live environment gets into this crash loop. I've tried it on two computers and got the same result. But not sure how to write a bug report around it and get log files and things (as it is a broken live environment).

What do y'all do for hardware?
I've found running Linux on different hardware very hit and miss. If I find a great sale on a computer where do I go to check if it's supported? Do most of you buy hardware with running Linux in mind and if so what affects your decisions? I couldn't install elementary on my laptop until the Freya beta just because of UEFI support, it seems we now have a similar roadblock with high DPI screens.
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