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We help premier advisors appraise, negotiate and monetize their client’s life insurance and annuity assets.
We help premier advisors appraise, negotiate and monetize their client’s life insurance and annuity assets.

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We all want to know that when our time comes, our family and loved ones will be provided for. After all, that’s the point of buying life insurance: so that when we pass away, our dependents will have some money to fall back on, to help cover any expenses or taxes and maintain their standard of living.

But what if it turns out that, as you grow older, the policy is no longer needed? This could be the case for any number of reasons — divorce, for example, or being over-insured, or beneficiaries who no longer need the proceeds. If that’s the case, many policyholders have the opportunity to turn their life insurance into a benefit they can actually use while they’re living, by working with a financial advisor to sell their policy on the Secondary Market for a higher rate than the surrender value.

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We know that as a financial advisor, you want the best for your clients. And when it comes to older clients, advisors can feel especially protective. There’s no question that that’s a lot of responsibility.

Despite this, advisors don’t always bring up the possibility of a life settlement, even if it might be an excellent solution for the client.

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This post is part of our series for advisors to pass to their clients.  Aging doesn’t have to be scary, and we here at Ashar want to help you provide the resources that policy sellers need to flourish in this chapter of their life.

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You’ve been counting the days until you could retire for a long time, and it’s finally getting close. No more long hours, overbearing bosses, physical labor, or rude customers—retirement sounds like a dream!

Before you pack up your desk, there are a few things you should consider doing to best prepare for retirement.

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Would you let R2-D2 do your taxes? Could the Iron Giant be your tax attorney? If he asked, would you let Optimus Prime take care of your investment portfolio? While these sound like ridiculous questions, we’re in an era where you can now enlist robots to be your financial planners.

When it comes to financial advice, one size definitely does not fit all. Luckily, we live in a time where choice flourishes, and the consumers are the ones to benefit from this influx of options. Is it wise to entrust your assets to an automated system?

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There are some important things to consider when selecting an advocate:

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Sometimes we don’t choose the charities and causes that we support. Rather, sometimes they choose us by thrusting unanticipated challenges into our lives.  Such is the case with the primary cause that Ashar Group supports: the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

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Just like you wouldn’t take a road trip without checking a map, you can’t expect to reach your financial goals without creating a budget. Retirement is one of these goals—congratulations on making it! Still, as Americans live longer than ever, many seniors fear outliving their assets.

Create a budget for retirement and stick to it. Assess your assets and debts, and do your best to take out no additional loans. The best way to make your money last is to be realistic about your retirement fund and what kind of lifestyle you can afford. And while many hear the word “budget” and think bread-and-water type of austerity, there are plenty of ways to live it up during retirement on a budget.

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HBO’s “Game of Thrones” continues to rise in popularity. The show is based off George R.R. Martin’s best-selling fantasy book series ad just wrapped its fifth season finale, which drew the show’s largest audience ever — about 8.11 million viewers.

This show is especially popular with the 18-49 year old segment—many of whom are financial planners whose clients would benefit from knowing that they could sell their life insurance policies on the secondary market. Despite the show’s obvious dramatization, we think that in some ways, it has some surprising similarities to the secondary life settlement industry.

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If you have a term policy and allow it to lapse, no money will be passed on to your survivors. That means you’ll lose out on all the money you ever paid in premiums. ALWAYS do this before you let that happen:

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