Displaying Children’s Artwork Without Sharps, Tape, or Magnets

"Mommy, Mommy, look what I just made!" ... "Oh that's wonderful, sweetie! Let's hang it up somewhere!"

I know that you're secretly thinking, "Ugh! Where am I going to put this one!" Right? I get it!. I'm right there with you! We want to show off our little one's latest masterpiece and make them feel proud, but the previous one, or many, still decorate the walls, fridge, etc.

But there's a solution to the dilemma - and it creates a pleasing display, easy to install, and safe enough to use (requiring no tape, sharps, or magnets) that even your kiddo can hang their latest creation without your help or worry.

Check it out: *http://blog.ashanging.com/2016/03/displaying-childrens-artwork-without-sharps-tape-magnets/*

Pin it for later: *https://www.pinterest.com/pin/72339137743039554/*

What's your biggest dilemma with displaying your kiddo's creations 

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