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I hate this. I wrote a long rage filled article with words like facile, endangers, penetrate, and so on. But it sounded like art school bullshit. Really I just hate it because it's bad twee nonsense that others have found to be noteworthy (when I feel that there is other better twee nonsense to be had and celebrated).

What are your favorite tech companies other than Apple/Facebook/Google/Twitter/etc?

What are your favorite books on theory? Theory of whatever subjects you are interested in.

Today I'm reading Photography: Theoretical Snapshots.

Today has been a Solomon Burke and booze day.

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Afraid people I actually know who circle me are getting lost is all the random spammy followers.

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I can't imagine a better use of time.
In "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", Pee-Wee proves that he's in Texas during a phone call by singing "The stars at night are big and bright!" and holding up the phone as every single passerby stops to respond "Deep in the heart of Texas!"

If any of you live in Texas, I would greatly appreciate a video of attempts to recreate this phenomenon in as many public places as possible. Thanks in advance.

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Who wouldn't buy this upgrade?

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Yaya's new video is super cute. I miss him. He's doing good things (he was always doing good things).

Q Ginger, by the makers of Q Tonic, is pretty good. Very fiery, not very sweet at all. I'm going to need to rethink all ginger ale drinks...

I like it. Provisionally. I need more time to mix it with Gins and such.

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Seems a bit early for such psychosis to be setting in, still, no doubt this was part of the plan.
Circuriosity (noun) - a strong desire to know which Google+ Circles you've been added to.
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