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Asfakul Islam
Programmer + B.Tech + Engineer
Programmer + B.Tech + Engineer
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To be alive it must be Live....
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“Sorry we killed your family”: We are the terrorists in the Middle East, and our compliant media will never tell the truth -via Flynx

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Hi I have installed Intel i5 4670k processor. What do you think of Its processing power? 
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Below average

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DirectX 12 looks like it can fundamentally change the platform bottleneck for gaming going forward. This feature test is a good preview of how it works.

Just got an invite from One +1 , Although I don't want to buy it at this moment, Anyone would like to have one? Just write down your mails and I will send it to a random person.  

COD advanced warfare lags like hell in my pc. I have quite a powerful pc. Running R9 270X with 8 gb Corsair Vengeance RAM and i5 4670k processor. Can someone tell me which patch I need to apply. 

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