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Why do you Need a Fully Responsive Website?
Also, no-no's while driving and good #webdesign
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Twitter, still on the rise!

Are you taking full advantage of it's potential for your bottom line?

Twitter Q2 2014 Report Is Out!

Twitter was in desperate need of some good news after the last couple of weeks. And good news it was! 

You can read the highlights here:

All-in-all, active monthly users are up to 271 million now with 211 million monthly active users via mobile. Revenue isn't looking too shabby for Twitter either with $312M this quarter which is a 124% increase year over year. 

More on the blog in the link above! What are your thoughts about Twitters latest earnings report?

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Are you thinking of starting to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or other social media to market and promote your product or business?

Are you hesitant to venture into this new digital age?

As it turns out, through the ages all methods of marketing have been as effective as their power to tell your story. From newspapers to radio, later to television, print media, billboards,etc.. all had one goal, to grab the audience's attention and tell them a story, preferentially your story.

In today's digital world nothing is more common than information overload. We are getting bombarded with the greatest amount of information as immediately as we want it, more than any other generation ever! This can be to your benefit if you have the right tools.

You see, the key to successful marketing today is to understand the current challenges of Supply and Demand of Attention and how to tip it in your favor!
As more and more things demand our attention constantly, you need to supply something different to your clients. You need to offer something to not only grab their initial attention, but also constantly engage them therefore creating a long-standing relationship with your product or your company.

And guess what? People buy from companies they like, people buy products they can identify with, people are more willing to become your lifetime customers therefore increasing your bottom line if you can connect with them.

But how?

We'll tackle that in the next post.
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