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A new universe of fantastic fiction in comics and prose
A new universe of fantastic fiction in comics and prose

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If you’ve ever wanted to see an artist work on a comic, you’ll want to check out this video of +Shell Presto DiBaggio as she draws page 3 of the first East End Irregulars comic. While she draws, she also discusses illustrating, layout, and visual storytelling techniques, experimenting on composition, recovering from mistakes, and more.

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This is not a superhero movie. This is a supervillain movie.

"For the first time in more than a decade, audiences and critics alike are applauding the work of the once beloved, now suspiciously loathed, director M. Night Shyamalan. His most recent work, "Split" (2017) is a suspense/horror picture about a man (James McAvoy) with disassociative identity disorder who kidnaps three girls. Because it is a Shyamalan movie, this is not a straight crime or even a slasher horror story, but delves into more unusual territory."

More at the link.

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Christmas isn’t complete without a blazing yule log in the fireplace. For those without fireplaces, we offer our Christmas greeting card instead. For the interest of those who do have fireplaces, we have also included an image of a lovely superheroine, Pittsburgh’s cutest thermokinetic vigilante, Corona. And for those who have everything, we offer a fluffy white ragdoll cat named Marshmallow.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Festivus Greetings! (And, if you’re a time-lost Roman superhero recently restored from the stone curse, Supreme Saturnalia!)

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Our Christmas present to you is this East End Irregulars short story, starring none of the Irregulars. But it does have lots of other stars, and also Caduceus, the bio-psychokinetic doctor-in-training and sometimes ally of the Irregulars we introduced in The Dismal Tide. Two new sketches also accompany the story.

This is not a tale of adventure, but of reflection. It was written for anyone whose holidays have felt a little emptier and wearisome after some loss, and also for everyone who struggled to find the perfect Christmas present–and succeeded.

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Ghost Comics of Christmas Past: 'A Very Question Christmas'

I want to take you back to a Christmas long ago, when the Ascension Epoch was only a glimmer in our eyes (even though we didn’t’ know it then).

The year is 2010. Shell and I are about to create our first comic. A fan comic starring none other than Vic Sage, the Question.

And while this comic is the last gasp of our fan fiction period, it is, in some ways, the beginning of the Ascension Epoch. Read the whole story, and the comic at the link.

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C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas Dr. Strange.

Marvel achieved a spectacular looking and well-acted movie that nonetheless felt hollow and delivered nothing memorable. This missed opportunity sets Dr. Strange in the bottom third (but not the very bottom) of all Marvel movies. Minor spoilers

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Fans of Colin Richards' Markers and Monsters YouTube series will want to check out his awesome contributions to the Ascension Epoch.

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Hydroman inks. I read the original run of this series by Bill Everett and it's one of the better old comics out there. I quite adore the character. Fortunately, Hydroman is in the public domain, so, of course, we're adding him to the +Ascension Epoch.

You'll be seeing him in action with Amp and Ephemera from The Challenger Foundation soon. But in the meantime, I just drew him solo, probably circa the '70s, Epoch time.

(And if you've never heard of The Challenger Foundation, you may want to check out to learn how to get caught up with their adventures.)

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