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Expanding Your Potential For Success
Expanding Your Potential For Success

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Practice mindfulness to aid with stress, tension, anxiety and focus during your day!

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In this letter
Thinking about a Career Change?
Steps to Manage Depression and Anxiety
Upcoming Events NOT to be missed!

Greetings from the Arctic Zone!
This month as you are all dreaming of Spring, I encourage you to consider your own personal "spring time" of new growth. Whether it's a new outlook, a new job or a reinvention of your career, February is the perfect time to sow the seeds of positive change in your life.
The First Steps are the Hardest: Managing Depression and Anxiety

Our ultimate life goal is to become our best self; the positive, resourceful person that you were created to be. Sometime life's experiences or mood disorders can make it difficult. It can be helpful to take some time and turn within and mindfully consider the following questions:
What is one step you can take to become more of the person you can be and deserve to be?
What will you do to get there?
What values and interests do you want to express with your actions?
These first steps take courage and they yield a great reward. As we repeat intentional actions of self-expression and self care, we progress down a path of greater calm and well being.
Each positive step increases our courage to keep moving. Gradually, depression and anxiety are replaced by hope, and peace.

Thinking about a Career Change?  4 Helpful Questions to "Discover Your Best Career"
Clients often ask me how to make a total career change. After decades of "doing what they've always done", they now want to:
•Enjoy their work
•Feel motivated
•Find personal fulfillment
•Make money
. If you are trying to discover your best fit career, here are 4 questions to consider to help you discover the position that will create a more satisfied you.
1. What are your Values?
• What is important to you in terms of your work environment, the tasks you perform at work, the style and frequency of personal interactions and the purpose of the work itself?
2. What are your Interests?
• What easily grabs and holds your attention and focus?
•What do you enjoy? Consider the mission of the organization, the customers served, the services or products delivered? Will this be fun to you?
3. Your Experiences and Skills?
•What do you bring to the table?
•Where do you excel? Think of interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, detailed focus organization, customer service and change. management.
4. Your Personality?
• What is your unique way of interacting with people? Think about the way you perceive information and make decisions. How do you experience and express your feelings.
When you put these 4 elements of yourself together, you are one step closer to discovering your perfect work. Because, NOW you know what to look for!
For more suggestions on how to find your best fit career, try Marsha Sinetar's book: "Do What you Love, The Money Will follow."
Tune in next month for tips on writing a powerful, professional summary for your resume!

Did you Know?
Marjorie is a frequent speaker for Corporate and Business Organizations?
Topics Include:
•Communicationbusiness coaching philadelphia
•Conflict Management
Contact Ascend Consulting for your next Speaking Engagement or Corporate Training.
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Important Dates:
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
"Difficult Conversations Made Easier" Hosted by ERCC
Presented by: Marjorie Johnson,LCSW, PCC
Ascend Consulting, Inc.
The workplace sometimes can be tough. You may have to present difficult employee feedback, say "no" to a client or customer, disagree with your boss, resolve employee conflict or manage team dynamics and blame. Conflict occurs as a result of a gap between what we see and hear and our assumptions, interpretations and goals about what should occur. Conflict generates feelings and behavior. Conflict spoken or unspoken = difficult conversations! As a result, many people tend to avoid these conversations or end up blundering through them in a less than desirable way. This seminar will provide strategies for handling common difficult business conversations. You will learn:
•Intentional Preparation
•Directing Conversation
•Managing Your Emotions
•Responding to Others' Defensiveness or Angry Reactions
Come and hear Marjorie address an important subject:
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
 Registration, Breakfast, & Networking - 7:30 AM
 Program begins promptly at 8:00 AM and concludes by 10:00 AM
Contact Information:
Kate Richardson:
Members: $20
 Non-Members: $30

Mindfulness Meditation Group Beginning:
April 8
$180 (6 weeks)
937 Prichard Ave, West Chester, PA 19382
Mindfulness Meditation Registration
Contact Information
 phone: 610-696-4443

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Learn the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for 6 weeks.
$180 includes CD
call for registration:  (610)696-4443

Mindfulness Meditation Group Starts today:
$180 for 6 weeks
937 Prichard Ave
West Chester, PA
Call to register: (610)696-4443
Shouldn't you try it?

The benefits of Mindfulness Meditation are clearly documented. If you are in the "thinking about it " mode, read the article below. It's a nice explanation. Want to learn to meditate? Join me on Sept 17 for my next 8 week Mindfulness Meditation group. I have beginner and advanced groups this Fall.

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Looking for a way to clear your busy mind and bring some calm and focus to your day?  I suggest 10 min. of Mindful breathing.  Simply close your eyes and follow your breath all the way in and all the way out.  That's it.  Simply be and breathe.

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Choose Business Coaches from Ascend Consulting West Chester PA

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Choose Business Coaches from Ascend Consulting West Chester, PA.
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