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OMG that shit is huge!!! how the hell do you start reading that shit!?!

i can't even Plus 1 your post dude.... shaking my dam head.....
CTRL+mouse scroll or CTRL + or - keys zooms the image on most browsers
hahaha i meant... where should i start? that is a lot of information!!!!
Upper left corner, that is the $1-$1000 range, then just follow the arrows to the next box.
a green square = $1, orange =$1000, dark blue=$1 million etc.
Randall Munroe's infographics are the infographics all other infographics ought to aspire to be - so many infographics out there are just a few badly scaled graphs that have volume/height meaningfullness failures combined with a display of typographic excess - Randall's charts are genuinely interesting, and richly information-dense.
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