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Every time someone calls one of these things a "hoverboard", God kills a kitten.

Please. Think of the kittens.
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Android SDK manager.. 
When installing platform-tools 23rc2, then v22 is gone, if I reinstall v22, then 23rc2 is gone.. What's up with that?
(Should I post this elsewhere, if so where?)

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Always after updating studio, this dialog will stay forever:
I installed studio on an new computer, and the same happens there also, so I don't think it was related to my older installation.
Using Windows 8.1 x64

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Testing Xamarin Studio, but, why is it so:
Xamarin Studio is free, visual studio integration is not, which is ok, But why do the installed still install Visual Studio integrations?

Why can't Xamarin detect my existing Android SDK installation, instead of installing one on its own? It even suggest to install it under programfiles, but the actuall installation is done next to my existing SDK installation under my profile.
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So, upgrading from 0.6.1 to 0.8.1 was not very nice, The download was just an zipfile with loose files, no info about what to do with them.

So, downloading the full 0.8.0 install, wanted to install in different folder than the current 0.6.1 install, so I thought I had to uninstall it, and did so. (ADB was not uninstalled because it was running, the installer/uninstaller should shoot it down.. )
Then installing 0.8.0, revealed that the uninstalled had removed everything, also the sdk, so I have to install everything of that again to get my projects up and running.

Why was there no install of the same type that have been earlier?, or some simple info about what to do with the files?, I think I could have just copied them over the existing install, but was not sure if that would work when updating next time.. 

Are we going to get hierarchy viewer available from studio? I tried to startup the one from the sdk, but always get obscure java errors, I'm using java from one directory, but it tries to refer to another version, even if that one is not in path.
If hierarchyviewer already is in studio somewhere, please point me to it?

When you open sources from other IDE's, you get an notification about migrating the project to Gradle, well, but how?
It says if it is an Eclipse project (I really don't know, I found it on github), then I should export it from Eclipse first, but I don't have Ecplise installed, and I did not plan to install that. 
It doesnt seem like Gradle config is a lot, but why cant Studio just create whats needed if I choose so?

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