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Managing conflicts in the workplace is synonymous with conducing difficult conversations.
Difficult conversation? Ouch! Yep, most managers dislike conducting them yet there are an integral part of every manager's task list.
The article Conflict Resolution in the Workplace: 7 Tips for Conducting Difficult Conversations over the Phone offers tips for conducing the difficult conversation over the phone.

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Negotiation Techniques - Compromising Less deals with what many people regard as the essence of negotiation (and balance life…): compromise. The article ponders the term and offers, as the title says, ways to decrease the number of one's unnecessary compromises.

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Conflict resolution strategies and weight loss - what the connection between the two? Well, in this post Asaf Shani makes the connection between conflict resolution strategies and weight loss, points a crucial ingredient which support their success and share how he's lost 10 pounds using a simple (yet powerful) trick…

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Conflict Resolution Strategies - Creating Trust in Any Sale offers ways and tips to how one create trust in any sale. A 'sale' is any encounter you want to 'sell' something – it can be tangible or, as it is most of the times, intangible things like your point of view or an idea. Hence, we all sell all the time and that what makes this post - Conflict Resolution Strategies - Creating Trust in Any Sale – relevant to us all.

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Conflict Resolution Strategies - move aside the ultimate blocker will point out THE thing that masks your ability to better manage your conflicts.

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'How To Handle Conflict? Don't Use The Win – Win Approach' post lifts the veil above one of the most common conflict handling mistakes – adopting a Win – Win approach. This approach is not feasible during conflict and when one is trying to implement it, he is likely to compromise.

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#Negotiation_techniques… we all claim to have them as we all negotiate throughout an average daily life. Yet, how good are your negotiation techniques? This article offers an instant test to enable you to assess your negotiation techniques abilities.

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How To Handle Conflict? De-In-Love Yourself From Your Own Story
What does the title of this post mean? Well, that the answer to the question how to handle conflicts – a questions we all ask ourselves every few hours/days/weeks – lays hidden in the story you tell yourself during and after a conflict.
This post makes a connection between conflict resolution and spirituality.

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"How to handle conflict: An acquired skill or a born ability" the title of this post speaks for itself: what is the relationship between given personality (assuming for a second there is such a thing) to one's choice and hence ablity to acquire conflict handling abilities?

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Conflict resolution strategies: getting to the bottom of things in every conversation list a few guidelines (tips if you wish) to how truly reveal the underlying issues while communicating with (almost) anyone.

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Handling Conflict: The most important conflict handling skill. Is there a ONE most important conflict handling skill? I claim there is and reveal what I think it is based on my 17 years experience in the field.

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Asaf Shani

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Conflict resolution strategies - limiting perceptions. 

One of the most important conflict resolution strategies and negotiation tactics is to ponder your own limiting perceptions. You project them on really to you may easily think the limit is very much tangible… yet, it is you who gives the limiting belief it's power and turning it into a reality. 
Unravel it and you need for conflict resolution strategies will decrease as you'll have by far less conflicts to handle.
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