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Asad Shahabuddin
I have no tagline, peoples.
I have no tagline, peoples.

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3. Resentment
Come inside and fulfill me, Grace! I am waiting for a
déjà vu, the coming of an age and a season of restoration. We will bloom to
fall again; we will vanquish and stay subdued, for a moment though. Your gaze
is about to take away my pain, but it isn’t you I...

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"We were working together, we were exploring the concept of a dream within a dream. I kept pushing things, I wanted to go deeper and deeper, I wanted to go further. I just didn't understand the concept, that hours could turn into years down there, that we c...

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My love Your face
and your smile Your
melancholy and your twirl Lift me
out of my bed, my sunshine My special
someone My star You're
distant and ethereal Perfection
like no other That I
could only gaze and yearn And speak
of to others My lover Is that
you? ...

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As I behold the Atlantic...or whatever. :)
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