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By the way.. North Carolina SUCKS!
A day after North Carolina approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, opponents are exploring their next options
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Some days, I think I honestly wouldn't care if 80% of the United States population suddenly died. That's about 250,800,000 people, by the way.
A friend of mine posted a quote on facebook yesterday - "Remember that a lot of people are alive today because it is illegal to shoot them".

+David Greene guns don't kill people... people kill people..
guns are just...weird metal pipe things that are used to display projectile motion at high velocities.
+Óscar Bosque I refuse to answer that question because you are an idiot for asking it. I usually refrain from going down to the level of calling people names .. especially on faceless mediums as social networks.. but I also have NO patience whatsoever for hateful bigotry and bullshit.

Would you support feeding the hungry ONLY when you are starving?
Remember, God something something homosexuals, men laying with men. Homosexuality is only an inconvenience to people who feel overwhelming guilt about their own repressed homosexual feelings. Case and point, every conservative figure who is found out to love male prostitutes.
I'd point out the logical fallacies, +Luis Santos, but I have a feeling that you're being lighthearted. Either that, or that's just because I need to crap.

Either way, +1.
+Óscar Bosque what does any of that have to do with gay marriage? That's like saying we should ban flying because there was a fly in my soup! WTF?!
I just said it clearly - what does that have to do with "Gay Marriage"? and YES I looked him up on Google! What is your point?
I'm sorry.. I didn't come across any reference of the guy you asked me to Google that actually said - "He brutally 'gay-married' people". WTF are you trying to say with this? I can counter your pointless statement with another one of my own - if you have a pet dog..and do NOT make it wear clothes - then you MUST be into beastiality since you definitely LOVE looking at naked dogs! How's that for logic?
I'm not ignoring you, +Óscar Bosque. I just don't know what you're trying to say. Your posts are very difficult to read because the thoughts seem to be scattered and undeveloped.
That's called a slippery slope logical fallacy, +Óscar Bosque. While that's possible, it's not necessarily likely. If it were to occur, though, how would that necessarily be bad? There are already old men marrying and getting in relationships with 20-year old women (e.g. Hugh Hefner) and that's legal. Just because it's two people of the same sex, how would that be any worse?
If ee allow man boy love associations to propogate, then the Olympians have won!.... Or is it the samurai?... Or is it catholic priests? Or is it Roman orgy enthusiasts?
+Óscar Bosque , how will legalizing gay marriage automatically legalize under-age relationships? Those things are not mutually inclusive you know! And if allowing marriage opens door for rape, shouldn't heterosexual marriages be banned as well, since we do have well documented cases of men/women raping somebody of the opposite sex?
Oh, also find it funny, that Luis Alfredo Garavitos's name was cited as the "ultimate" argument against legalizing gay marriage, and Pedro Alonso Lopez is the second name in the list of mass murderers in the wiki article that popped up on googling Garavitos's name. I should start an agenda banning hetero marriage based on Lopez's crimes, yes that makes complete sense!
In all seriousness, I am strongly against the idea that anyone other than parents are a "role model" and have any stake in how parents raise their kids. No matter how you try to justify being anti gay, you are digging a hole of irrelevant reasoning.
To continue the double post spree, if we are going to define marriage based on a religious/historical meaning, we better open up polygamy again, there are plenty of religions that like that. Also we should be able to buy wives. This is all great moral examples for our children. Also lets return to lord's first night practices where your immediate better, I guess in our case mayor, gets to have sex with your significant other on the day of marriage. All great ideas. It makes me wonder how conservatives say gay marriage will lead to marriage anarchy when their own arguments DIRECTLY lead to said marriage anarchy. Also for shits and giggles lets also make it so peasants arent allowed to divorce, only the wealthy and well connected in the church, like that already doesnt happen with people staying in a marriage because they cant afford the alternative....

+Óscar Bosque:,8599,1905237,00.html

Need I post more?
+Óscar Bosque actually the only really articulate argument I need to put in your face is that you are a hateful bigot and and idiot. You are pretty much at that point where it is pointless to argue with you or try to show you facts. You are in the category of people who I look at and just shake my head thinking "Well that's too bad then..". I'm sorry for you that you're this way...and I'm sorry for this country that has you.
+Óscar Bosque , from all that you have written, all that I can surmise is that you are an incoherent, ignorant, stubborn, immature child. Grammatical errors aside, there isn't one instant where you have made a sound argument supporting your views (other than "PAY ATTENTION TO ME, I HAVE A VOICE, SO I AM GOING TO SAY THINGS"). You have skirted around the points and facts others have presented. And when you finally realized that you CLEARLY can't match others in intellect, you decided to make your point by being immature. You are nothing, your views are nothing, you are incapable of making any difference in anybody's views because you don't have any clear fundamentals of your own. You are "zero" to society, and you are the one who has to live with that, so good luck!
Lol +Óscar Bosque, then I guess it would make you mad if I said you're acting like a real faggot right now, huh?

Seriously, though, you need to reconsider your words because you're blatantly wrong. If you can't accept that sometimes, you aren't correct, then there's no use in trying to talk to someone so stubborn and asinine.
I also stand against child abuse - so I must also be abused as a child...or am just a child...or something. Wait a second.. I also say we shouldn't be cruel to animals... I am an animal too now? Sweet!
I think at this point it is safe to say .. stop feeding the trolls.
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