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Arvid Gerstmann
Android Enthusiast & Developer, Minimalist and Linux user.
Android Enthusiast & Developer, Minimalist and Linux user.

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Is it expected behavior that Android restarts the crashing last activity of an app after a crash?

Is that new?

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We're Hiring!

There is no way to express my hatred for Android ...

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I got a little bit of Schadenfreude right now.

Everyone is hyping the OnHub, and I'm sitting here, amused to know that it is TP-Link hardware, and they're one of the worst router manufacturers I ever encountered.
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Why is there no Google I/O app for iOS? :|

What happened to Android Studio?

It feels unresponsive and sluggish, has graphic glitches, crashes often and is overall pretty slow. That's now how I remembered Android Studio. 
What has Google done with it? It's horrible!

PS: No, it's not JetBrains, the JetBrains IDE run stable, are fast and working perfectly, it's Googles fault.

dd on os x behaves kinda funny. It's dead slow sometimes, due to no obvious reason, but there is a simple way to fix it:

dd if=/path/to/from.img of=/dev/rdiskX bs=64k

quinta essentia from this is, use /dev/rdiskX instead of /dev/diskX (rdisk is the raw disk, without system buffering, I guess) and use a blocksize of 64k (which gave me the best speed).

Protip: If you want to have a progress bar for your dd, install pv (e.g brew install pv) and pipe everything through it:

dd if=/path/to/from.img bs=64k | pv -s <size of> | dd of=/dev/rdiskX bs=64k

and you'll get a nice, wget like, progress bar.
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