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+Google+ growth since the beginning
Impressive growth!

These are the total numbers of users. And I am impressed with the growth we have seen in the last 5 months. I guess that there are several reasons to it:
- Constant push to upgrade your Google-account to Google+
- Presence of +The Olympic Games on Google+
- Opening up Hangout-on-Air for all and adding studio mode
- Google+ teaming up with +NFL
- Anything else you can think of?

Today's announcement by +Vic Gundotra on 400 million users:

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Fashion. :)
Of course, in addition to, not instead of, the reasons you listed.
Another reason for such a grow is that people actually like Google+
Here in Italy, the main push comes from the possibility to complain all together. italians love to complain about just anything. If you give them the possibility to complain on a whole new dimension, you win their love.
The hashtag boycottapple and the Facebook share debacle perhaps?
Liking the possibilities, unfortunately still missing (but patiently waiting for) interaction :)
Waiting? +Arnoud Kok you know that won't work. Just react or plus on the people you follow, whatever. If your comments are good, you will be circled, sure! ;-)
I think the complete Google/Chrome experience adds a lot!
Maybe now more used by employees of big companies and universities?
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