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Don't push the button. DON'T!
owkay.. you've pushed it...
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LMAO... I totally would push it again just to see how quickly they can reset!
If TNT would do something like that in the US, I might just watch it again.
Nice a new Belgian station and I first here about this from a Dutch person
Dear Sanity,
Why did you render a poorly clad woman on a motorbike?
That was quite confusing. However, the rest of the scene was fine.

p.s. the american footballers were a bit weird too.
+Maarten Seghers Oh, they have the office usa, haven't seen that yet! aparently first month is free, after that?!
It was good but I didn't get the point of the lady on the motorbike???
+huba khan the lady on the motorbike was just an added 'wait, what was that?'.... so just when people are starting to think it is getting too angry, a random half-dressed lady on a motorcycle goes by... 'wait, what?'.. lightens the mood right up.

Ladies on motorbikes need no explanation
+Tommy Serrien The office USA, MEH
The IT Crowd is cool though
I already pay extra for the movie channels so hopefully tnt is included if not they will need a much better lineup that what they have now to make me pay
+Maarten Seghers Nobody beats Ricky Gervais ofcourse, i have the lifestyle + docu pack, don't expect it to be included
drama must be pretty violent these days
Oh that was a really good one. I can't believe people actually pushed it. What were they thinking?
+carla carlson Well, it was set there in the middle of the street, and it set "push to add drama" Who wouldn't? Even in a laid back flemish quarter where nothing special ever happens? :)
The best promo of a TV show ever ! Awesome.
lol. i need one those buttons where i live, life is dull around here.
Belgian TV is already pretty bad. Now it looks like it is going to get a whole lot worse.
Thanks for that! Nearly peed myself laughing.
Damn that was good for once when I write LOL I really mean I laughed out loud :)
someone is pushing this button everyday in México now I get it .. ups sarcasm
now....stay calm...everything's gonna be fine.....
That EMT Can fight! woo! haha that was amazing
Flash Mob would be most proud!!!
Brilliant, love it so much :)
Awesome. Now that's great advertisement.
HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Funny stuff. Only thing missing is a naked woman. 
Now, this is what I call advertising. Brilliant!!!
I would have love to been
"Can he possibly resist the beautiful candy like red button"
Dude that would be awesome to witness
Cool...I dont have too much words to say ...WoW
That is freaking awesome! Thanks for sharing :)
Great ad! I love the face of everybody when see the TNT logo.
Shooting on the square...
I hope this was not in Luik / Liege!
Now THAT is drama. LOL. Amazing how guns a blazing that no one ran..
Europe gets all the cool stuff.
Americans need to stop being so dramatic so we can get cool drama advertisements too.
That was a great ad and very creative. Wonder what comedy central, fox, cnn, would look like if they were to follow in these steps.
+Matthew Wilson If they tried that in the US, Homeland Security would be all over them and people would be suing TNT for anguish.
lol. Well done TNT... actually pretty funny.
This was really good advertising. I applaud you TNT.
Brilliant! I laughed so hard I nearly..well, never mind that, no-one needs to know!
rad rad rad rad rad rad rad rad rad rad rad rad \m/
That was a good one . they need to do this . it is too funny.
You could never do that in America. Someone would sue you for mental distress. Makes me want to punch a lawyer.
brilliant, probably the best advert I've seen in along time
awesome man. wish i was the one to push the button
Hahahahaha!!! I can't believe what I just saw!
mAi Hou
Awesome ad. Very effective and hilarious!
I want my own button!
oooooooooooooooooooo...............................what does this button do?
That is the BEST ad I've seen in a while.
That was hilarious!! Why can't 'nothing' like that happen when I'm walking down the street??
Coolest thing I've seen In a long time.. Shame it is an advertisement.
Now this is what I call community engagement brilliant
that is sooooo bloody cooool....LOL
I was laughing SO hard!! That is EPIC!!!!
yaa so bloody cooool...LOL
That is soooooo good I want to do it here today.
Take that Nintendo, now THAT is a viral video.
I'm SICK of fully staged adviral-tising videos. They are bogus from the start. The people PUSHING the button are actors themselves, part of the whole scheme.
So Telenet subscribers get the new/additional TNT channel free for a month and then it's only for those with Telenet-Plus. Meh....
Epic commercial though.
that was simply the greatest,we got that stuff going on in Chicago all the time,but that was better
I moved to the internet because TV was full of advertising. Now advertisers are moving to YouTube videos and creating bogus-viral videos.
Very well planned piece of advertising to capture attention of the daily public.
Your people is very humous, it's just a ad, but it's really funny~
That was hilarious! I love how the people who pushed the button just stand there and watch. lol
That was awesome... the half naked chick on a motorcycle = WIN!! :D
lol that was not bad. Good show TNT advertisers!
I guess Belgium is not America, but TNT doesn't care and pushes the American 'culture' (sex, violence and more violent plus violent sport - from the looks of the ad) anyway.
And all I could hear is' there is money to be made""'.. .
Where is the drama? That seemed more like action.
yh.. a place whre nothing really happens...............
ZaZa M.
Heh... impressive performance
Doh!! It's a commercial. I feel dirty.
brilliant tho. i laughed my head off.
So much for bystanders rushing in to save the day!
GENIUS!!! That was soooo fun to watch.
so....effing...dramatic! dun dun duh*****
J Wu
Having lived in Belgium, I can only imagine how the locals would react in my small town... Cool.
That was great, i want push the button
That is GREAT!! Love it...very funny
good advertisement
hope it translates into good tv
hilarious!!MY LOL FOR THE DAY.
Very interesting advertising idea.
Put one of those in Lansing, Mi, the one in Detroit is always on!
American football players at the end were just so appropriate.

Do they need a license for that in Belgium?
AHHHHHHHHHH! I totally love it! Where can I get one of those?!??!?!?!?!?
Piggin' brilliant as they say around here. I've not laughed so much since ?
Someone pushes one of those in my house every morning...ugh
I need one of those buttons in my living room!
Lol, so funny. Never gonna get old ;)
How is it that no one ducked with the bullets went flying? Or did I miss something?
Yeah, that was pretty impressive. I totally would have joined in the action though!@
OMG....that would have been so awesome to have been there....thats hysterical...
That isn't drama, the button should say "Push for more action". This is Action, absurd slap-stick action. The only drama is the shock on the faces of the innocent simple folk in a small two horse town. It's highly elaborate and quite fun, retarded in your face, American theme park corn dog fun. I don't know whether to laugh or sneer. I think I'm doing both.
This is fabulous. I have really enjoyed watching this, so much so that I had to watch it again and invite my family to watch it too. Great. Thanks for sharing. Had a good laugh :)
SO awesome!!! Loved the girl on the motorcycle, just a random girl in a bikini...
Why didn't they clap? I'm here at my computer and almost felt like clapping.. Maybe I'm an idiot.. But am I the only one?
it must overcome yourself , i would be scared like hell !!
man thats amazing!
or get on the back of the bike lol
this is freaking awesome!! made my day!!
Dam I still like the part where the murdered out Mercedes pulls up and they all jump out and just start blasting away! And people are holding their ears to block out how loud the gun fire was, that could only happen in a foreign country because americans would sue TNT for hearing loss! LOL!
Wow, NOBODY knew WHAT was going on!
Amazing! Will be using this for my marketing class
That was really good! I wished that the football players would have tackled the biker chick it would have been awesome!!! :)
Vry creative, vry viral.
Cant wait for it to come these sides (if it ever does)
love the part with the chick riding the motocycle half naked.
I know people that have a drama button in their pocket. They go like "hmmm, too quiet...DRAMA TIIIMEEE"
This is absolutely hysterical.
This is what happens when you don't have a proper government for god knows how long...
One of the best videos ive ever seen!
got to love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but......DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON
Now, why can't more adverts be like this‽ I mean, winning formula.
Eth Er
como que no? xD
How many times did they do this ?
Very funny-- That is what you get for pushing a button you weren't supposed to push.
" we know drama " . Damn right you do ! that was all jaws on the floor !
Noes K.
En ik wel ook altijd op de rode knop duwen sinds Roos en haar mannen in Villa Achterwerk! ;-)
Holy crap! Thanks that made my day...........Lmfao
Amos Mc
Now that's drama.
That is the best advertising I have every seen. Also I love the randomness.
wow,,,,i wonder if those faces with expression were real??
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