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Also Nokia can bash Apple and the iPhone 5
Why compare? Tell us what your product does best!
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I'm not sure if I'll switch... I've got a Lumia 800 for a few months now, I won it at the Mobile World congress... It broke down after a week dew to battery issues. I got a new one and it's still having a very bad battery lifetime.
Besides this the push-up notifications don't work for whatsapp, Facebook doesn't have any and well... This Nokia phone just doesn't connect me to people as it should be able to. This experience makes it feel like I should get another phone, not a Nokia. But if you can convince me that I should get a Nokia Lumia 920, feel free to give it a try...
I think it's a nice commercial. Just like I liked the Mac vs PC commercials too... coman! It's advertising! 
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