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Google+ background data usage

I love Google+ but what's up with this amount of background data usage? This is enormous! Thanks ICS data usage screen!

Data usage: Total 797MB and G+ used 492MB. I used Google Music and Spotify which both used less but together 100MB. Time period is 3 days.

Any idea what this could be?
Maybe +Natalie Villalobos or +Louis Gray know?

note: Very few photos have been uploaded and no videos
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List the numbers please, can't read. I've already saw more people complaining, also about the image upload quality :)
+Sam Rijver sorry! I've added the numbers. Strange image quality as it is a screenshot.
Insane numbers lol. Galaxy Nexus, every carriers new favorite smartphone.
Do you take pictures with your phone? it could be the uploading of pictures which is handled automatically via Google Plus.
+Jason Bautista as written as the last line. very few photos have been taken. Max 10 which could be 40MB of data
Watching a logcat of my phone I see the the app does reach out to sync quite a bit. but 500MB worth? That sounds very excessive.
No change they will take the risk of answering this type of question here. If the app is using insane amounts of data they have to craft a more careful statement (and a update to the app).
+Punit Soni would be the guy i would have tried to reach out to for this type of question. Oh wait... looks like I just did right here!
+angelique keuven van leeuwen it is caused by the app so I guess just a software setting. Reason why I found it, was playing around with the Data Usage screen (new in ICS)
animated gif's use 40MB for what can be achieved in 1MB flash file - Ban the Gif!
+Arvid Bux Alas I have a Droid Pro with no ICS updates in sight. I have a better chance of updating my Nook Color to CM9 (from CM7) before my Droid Pro has ICS. Either that or my OG Droid running CM9...
Maybe i Wasn't that honest, Next March I can buy a new telephone with suscribtion in that amount of time the problems problebly will be solved. Thanx for the reply so soon, I am in Love with the Nexus! You"ll hear from me in a view months.
Android version 4.0.1
Google+ app version

Storage of Google+ app:
USB storage 740MB
Data 32.53
Not only will it kill your dataplan, but your battery too. I've found that all the background syncing eats away at my battery especially when the connection is poor (2G). On 4G and WiFi my battery life is much much better.
+Marc van Wijk you are right on that one. Just posted a similar comment in a different thread.
woot! 2 degrees of G+ separation to the rescue!
u have few photos, but g+ syncs video too. my gs2 puts all videos in my gallery whether they were created by me, downloaded podcasts, or whatever. is it possible that g+ is syncing these as well?
sorry, I've nothing (yet) to contribute, just wanna subscribe to this discussion, to get update-notifications ;-)
+Punit Soni +Ben Eidelson anything you might need? Will have to test now with the latest version of G+ whether I still have this issue but I didn't read anything in the change log that you fixed a background data issue ;)
Here's what's going on: in ICS there is a shift where all photos being synced down from Picasa are being attributed to the Google+ app. This is a nuance in how photo syncing is more efficiently shared between the two apps. If you look at the Picasa app usage you'll see that it is near zero, because all the photos are in G+ storage. We'll make sure to get a bit of info posted about this. Thanks!

+Jennie Sardo
Yesterday I got my GalaxyNexus and while going through the initial setup it asked me whether to upload all Pics to Picasa, I chose "only when on Wifi" in stead of the default "always"
google music on my nexus has racked up 38 mb in foreground and 2.4 gb background. And with all the album pictures, accessing my photos or video via the PC is almost impossible! I have hardly listened to music at all. Used tunein radio much more and its at 80 mb
+Ben Eidelson so if I have a few GB of photos on my online album will they all be dowloaded on my phone? Is there a way to stop this sync?
+Arvid Bux yes, this would be a solution but it would also prevent me from seeing my online photos. Before ICS I don't think that the gallery app downloaded so many MBytes of photos because it seamed to get them from the web on the fly. I was wondering if there was something like this on G+..
+Arvid Bux OK, thanks for the info, do you know if there is a limit in how many MBytes the app will download?
I just noticed the same trend on my phone by accident through the ICS data usage screen. G+ has used 850MB in the last few weeks, all in background data. Interestingly it also had the very vertical spike in the usage you have in that picture, like one day it really needed to transfer a few hundred megs all of a sudden.
I'd like to know more about it too. I don't upload anything to G+ by my Nexus S 4.0.4, but the background data usage is still enormous, and it kills my dataplan.... what could it be?
I am also having this issue. The Google+ app on my Jelly Bean Galaxy Nexus has used 3GB of data in a couple of weeks... auto mobile photo upload is turned off.
Same here as well. LG Nexus 4, Jelly Bean, 30 GB of background data in the last 3 weeks... Yes, thats 30 GB, three-zero. Wow.
Just played the price of using g+ , they shd make there app like drop box which by default uses WiFi .
+Sebastian Beresniewicz
Exact same thing happening to me. Both my wife and I have Nexus 4's. Two days ago I turned on the feature to add "location sharing" between our accounts so that we can know where each other are. Plus I was intending to put it on my son's SIII. Her phone has used over 200MB in 2 days. About 150 MB of it is background data. The app is entirely useless if it hogs this much data.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra - 2.39GB Mobile, 8.93GB Wifi data - astounded, it did the 2.39GB in an evening over LTE! 
alex b
Holly crap. +Google what's the official response? My wife's HTC One used 3.86GB in one day killing her data plan. Is there a log on the phone or the web that I can see what happened? Now she'll have to pay for an extra GB, and hopefully not any more.
I see people having been facing this issue since so long and on such a large scale and yet, +Google has no solution! 
I now own Nexus 5 and backup is WiFi only by default :)
Same problem here. Google+ background use kills any data plan. All settings about only wifi syncs are in place. I have never had any problem using automatic bakcups or updates only with wifi.

Nexus 4. Android 4.4.2.

I have send a report to google. I expect some solution to this problem. A quick browse over the web shows that this is not a new issue.
Same thing with me, except 1.15 gb of data all hit me within one hour. All of it is background data and I have everything set to only sync over wifi. This is also the only day in my entire billing cycle where I have any data usage from google+ at all.
I have never looked at anyone's profile while on my phone.
On New Year's Eve, Google plus PLOWED through about 3GB of mobile data usage throughout the night. I was getting alerts from Verizon that I was gobbling up data, but I didn't know what the culprit was. So, I just restarted my phone and paid $20 to add 2 more GB. Once I got home (I was driving for UBER that night), I checked the settings and saw that the mobile data consumption that night alone was eaten up by about 3GB via Google+. So, I checked my settings, and they were all set to only sync/backup over wifi, so I had NO idea why it consumed so much data in such little time! I saw that I could turn off/restrict background data and, once I did that, the usage slowed down. The next hurdle is trying to convince Verizon to give me a couple extra gigs of data for free. Btw, I'm using a Moto X on Verizon.
I had the same problem here. G+ drained out my monthly data plan in two days. Even under wifi, G+ can send background data over 2G within one day. This is outrageous.  
+Jens Nielsen Hi, any update on this? I have just incurred massive costs for the same reason. 1.5GB in 5 hours 
Same problem was encountered by me. Around 424 MB of data was used in a night when I was sleeping. Any idea why this could have happened?