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Comments on Google+ show up in Search results
+Martijn van Beek highlighted this just now and I had to test it myself as well.

After doing a search for an article by +Stephen Shankland, I noticed that +Vincent Mo shared it on +Google+. On that post I posted a comment which now shows up in +Google Search results. Note: the image below shows personal search results

I never noticed it before, until +Martijn van Beek highlighted it. Did you already see it?

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Yeah, I noticed this a while ago actually, but haven't seen it very often so far.
+Martijn van Beek I guess so. Still have to see how this will be manged with more comments. Will it show comments from people in your circles or some other order?
People need to get serious about both YT SEO marketing and G+ SEO marketing (including myself). That's really interesting to know.
From what I've seen in a few test searches it will only display comments by yourself and people in your circles.
Hmm. Does this mean we'll get permalinks for comments at some point?
I hope they change it to the Most +1ed comment rather than the 1st
Just tried this after reading +Arvid Bux 's post. Very interesting. So for a brand, then interaction on the post will also become important, not only do they need to have users circle them, they must now focus as they do with Facebook and Twitter to create content that makes their followers want to engage. Brands on Google+ then must focus on copy that is keyword rich, keep posting fresh content that is appealing. On another note, I would like to know when I am not logged in to my Google account, why is that for certain keywords the search results display People and Pages while for others it doesn't?
+Krithika Chandrasekaran I think brand and image will become more of an issue as Google+ grows. I'm seeing people and comments in the search if I have placed those people in circles (as +Arvid Bux said above sort of... I'm not entirely sure about those circles yet. I have removed people from circles and I still see those people's +1's in search results.) Search engine use is still pretty heavy for even finding restaurants so this comment sharing can be beneficial but boy there's no control over image. The more users the more likely comments will have an impact. I suppose I'm just saying the obvious...
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