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UK Judge Is Forcing Apple To Publish On Its Website That Samsung Didn't Copy Apple
A judge has ordered Apple to post a notice on its website and in "several" British newspapers and magazines highlighting a recent ruling that Samsung didn't copy the iPad.

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Inderdaad een vernedering. Ben wel benieuwd of ze dat ook gaan doen...
For the next 6 months, nice.

I feel it's complete BS Apple keeps trying to sue over things. Like slide to unlock, there are old fences with a sliding lock system, it's nothing new that Apple came up with.
I'm guessing that they would rather have paid a few millions instead of this...
I find this reallt really funny, they should give more of these.
The new iPad Notice: Samsng did not copied this. Hahaha
Btw. Apple copied the LG Prada with the iPhone 4. Look then up.
The LG Prada was announced three weeks before the iPhone, and had only been seen in public once before in late September. Apple did not come up with the design of the iPhone and its UI between September 2006 and January 2007.
iPhone 4 you know, the thing that released 2 years ago while LG Prada was made in 2006.
I think it would be great for apple to have stated on their website: "Samsung did not copy the iPad, it isn't cool enough", says Judge.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Samsung copied Apple. 
When ipad came out nobody even thought about running phone OS on a tablet. Those who say otherwise just don't remember. It took 6 months for Motorola to launch Xoom without half of announced features. It took a whole year for copy sung to launch the tablet.
i guess Apple got a big ol' can of ASS WHOOPIN
Didn't Apple steal the idea from Microsoft, who in turn stole it from Star Trek?
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