"2013 will be the year of +Google+!"
Tuesday I had a breakfast session with +Bradley Horowitz. The event was hosted at +Google Nederland. As I wrote a Dutch article for +Dutchcowboys about it I promised that I would be making a summary and even attach my notes. Well, here it is!

- Currently no ads are displayed. No plans for the near future but all that can of course change
- A social networking site is not the best place to display advertisement
- Twitter and Facebook can only display ads on the social networking site
- Google uses the data collected via Google+ to target ads better on the different Google services
- Google+ helped Google remove the silos of all the different products
- A +1 for an add can lead to a higher CTR
- Not opening the API was a well thought through decision
- The API will be opened in the future (how far and when... no news)
- To ensure growth is organic, the API remained close. Users had to use Google+ instead of a 3rd party client
- You want to keep a conversation as authentic as possible. Spraying your update across multiple networks at once will not help you keep the conversation authentic
- Mobile is very important
- Half of the traffic comes from the mobile clients
- No new usage figures were shared (latest: Sept 17th: https://plus.google.com/+ArvidBux/posts/hn2upSwLVmN )
- Only certain numbers are shared every time as usage numbers are linked to Google's financial data. They can have an impact on the stock and earnings/revenue estimates
- Once Google publishes data once, they have to publish it every year
- Also for services like YouTube or Gmail not all figures are released
- 3rd parties can't measure it all as they don't have access to the real usage data. Besides that they don't measure mobile which is half of the traffic at Google+
- A merge between Voice, Google Talk, Hangouts and Messenger is on the roadmap
- Google News saw some features from Google+. Expect to see some Google News features in Google+
- Removing the silos for business users and making it easier for them to use Google products
- Only 20% of the planned features for Google+ have been rolled out
"+Bradley Horowitz: 2013 will be the year of +Google+!"

The Dutch article over at +Dutchcowboys:
Breakfast with Bradley Horowitz
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