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Curated circle with English profiles
For my upcoming eBook release, I have curated several circles. This one contains 219 profiles of people who post mostly in English. 

These people will spice up your stream with all kinds of content, being it news, photos, links, videos, you name it! 

Apologies when you are not in this circle. Curation is done manually and thus I can make mistakes! Feel free to leave a comment so I can add you and people might see it and add you!

In this Circle:
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You've curated a great circle of folks!  Thanks for including me :)
Good list +Arvid Bux Quite a few people I didn't know were on here too. I must admit I've not added a circle for a while so i've had time to pair down and curate who i already have, but I think I'll be adding several off here. Cheers!
Love the way you love the computer !
Thanks for the inclusion, sir.  I wondered why I started feeling like a popular kid today... I couldn't confirm my suspicions until I got back to my laptop, though!
Thank you, Arvid, for including me in your Dutch circle. I post in English in Public and in Dutch limited to people who I know are Dutch. Does that allow me to be in both circles?
+bruno de rouck zorgt wel voor flink wat interactie in je stream! Denk ook aan de sliders! Daar kun je mee aangeven hoe vaak die kring in je hoofdstream mag spammen! 
Thanks so much Arvid.  Now if I could only learn some Dutch I could get into some more circles.
Oh yeah...that is how I know what you are saying..haha
Yay,some familiar faces and some new ones! +Michelle Greenlee my maiden name is Greenlee, don't see that often, small world! And +Arvid Bux I love it when someone curates a well thought out circle, your name as me enthralled as well....different like mine, ;)
Spoiled for choice on G+ with so many interesting people and hitting the 5000 people limit. The problem of organizing things on G+ is that it usually starts with a topic based circle and before you know you hit the limit time and time again. There are some unknowns for me in your circle so I will start pruning again +Arvid Bux 
Thank you! I feel honoured to be included. 
You have included a lot of my favourite users, but also over 100 people who are new to me, so thanks again! :)
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