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Which metrics for +Google+ Pages?
I am curious to learn which metrics you would like to see for +Google+ Pages? Adding my wishes:
- Followers - added/removed
- Followers - geolocation
- Followers - demographics
- Followers - mobile users
- Post - +1, share and comments
- Post - how many views (mouse hover or using keyboard short cuts)
- Post - click throughs
- Post - video views
- Post - photo views
- Post - expanded post
- Notifications - number of mentions
- Notifications - number of shares

More: (NL) (EN) (EN) (EN) (NL)
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can you give me some help about Googel adsense
True +Aede Hoekstra but what I am talking about is an official Google tool to do this.
+JON SMITH unfortunately I can't assist you with that.
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