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White space is intentionally!
according to +Vic Gundotra!
I just love how open +Google is on +Google+ and they just jump into a Hangout.

Thanks +Tim Moore and +Kelly Burnette for sharing!
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Lol I was in that hangout. Funny to see how the news spreads.
+Joris Pelgröm - G+ is a constant work in progress, with new features being rolled out almost weekly. Since day one, changes, updates and tweaks have been rolled out in a sort of "a la carte" manner. Some people like it, some don't. Personally, I think it's been quite interesting to watch this platform grow up over the past 10 months.
+Ryandi Tjia he said in the same breath "...and it's not gonna be ads". I was in the hangout.
AdBlock extension for Chrome takes care of the ads!
I think this new interface is a bit too soon....
Hmm. Ik mis de Youtube player nog. Misschien komt ie daar :P

Gebruik 'm nooit, maar kan 'm nu ook niet vinden.
OK, this explains it.
I also didn't like all the white space. I can relax now :)
Om eerlijk te zijn, ik heb nooit dat youtube tabje gebruikt en velen met mij waarschijnlijk.
It could be that so few people were using it that they've decided to take it out.

It might also return as an "app" on the left ribbon.
+Tommy Serrien dat bedacht ik me net ook. Je deelde dan de hele zoekquery. Niet echt handig.
i'd rather a option was given instead/along with this default swap design but just having it like this just makes me not happy about it
I wonder if they had put a placeholder box with a small "under construction" animated GIF in the center instead of the whitespace they would have gotten any less beef.
I REALLY like the redesign, and the fact that everything just works on Google+ Instead to that other social network..
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