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Highlights from the Amazon/Kindle Event
- Hardware price ratio on all devices is again amazing
- Kindle Paperwhite, crispier screen. Starting at $119
- Kindle Fire, better specs lower price point at $159
- Kindle Fire HD, 8.9 is a great multimedia device backed by the content archive of Amazon, $199 (7"), $299 (8.9")
- Kindle Fire HD has 4G LTE connection (8.9", 32Gb, $499)
- Two antennas, dual-band wifi (2.4 and 5Ghz) for the Kindle HD (MIMO)
- X-ray for Movies is something I would love on any device! Tap an actor during the movie and get more info
- Kindle Freetime gives parents the ability to limit how much time a child is using the Kindle to read a book, play a game or watch a movie. 
- Whispersync allows you to sync reference data specific to books and/or games. Don't loose high scores because you got a new device
- Immersion Reading let's you read along with somebody reading it to you
- X-Ray for Textbooks get related content and information with one tap
- Of the top 100 Kindle books, 27 are from the KDP program.

We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy it!
We are not building the best tablet at a certain price. We have just built the best tablet at any price

They for sure knocked Nokia from the #1 spot and putting Motorola on #3

Image Courtesy of +The Verge  
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Erich W
now to wait for a tear down to see the processors and ram
Pretty amazing. But does it have content in Belgium/Netherlands?
daarmee zijn we dan niet content.
nochtans heeft nu toch al de deuren geopend? Scannen maar!
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