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Let's compare.....
Showing your competitors flaws to make your own product look better? I would have expected better from Apple on this one. Besides that, they are comparing phone apps (on the Nexus 7) to tablet apps (on the iPad mini). 

Can't wait to see a real comparison. 
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To be fair Apple has been pushing for Tablet optimized apps much harder than Google. But your point is still valid. I bet upscaled apps on both platforms look like ass
True though Android apps are designed to scale to a point. It's much better when the app is fully optimized for a tablet, but there is a lot of flexibility in the basic structure. iOS has a more "pixel perfect" layout mindset.
Android Apps are optimized for tablets too. Gmail, calendar, Google+, youtube and lots of them have totally different, multi column layouts available too. 
I'm trying to figure out who the $329 price point is targeted at. I'm a Android supporter but the $329 price point wouldn't sway me. If the 32GB N7 comes in at $299 price point I'm not sure, other than ecosystem loyalty, why one would choose this over an N7. But that is just me.
Wouldn't that be a poor reflection of Yelp's mobile development team then?
It's just untrue, a lot of Apps are greatly tablet optimized. Don't tell me you got brainwashed already +Jason Bautista  by the show performed?

Is that REALLY what matters when you make a decision? Besides, the tablet apps WILL come to Android too.
Where did you get the impression that I was brainwashed? Apple has been pushing Optimized apps for the iPad much longer than Google, this is pretty well established fact. I'm saying that upscaled apps on an iPad will look equally as bad. Way to attack my intelligence there and my decision making abilities in a single post.
Too bad you cannot hear a bit of sarcasm in written word +Jason Bautista ;) The presentation was also hammering on this 'fact'. Yes, there are 'optimized' apps, but the non-optimized apps are pretty just as useful in most ways, like it really isn't a very big deal. At least, for me. UNless someone convinces me that it actually is ... ;)
I'll try to turn down my sensitivity levels a bit then +Riël Notermans. I agree that optimized apps, while they look nice, does not mean that the app is actually useful. If the app is useful then I wouldn't really be bothered all that much by an upscaled version. I will say though that the tablet G+ and GMail apps are much, MUCH, nicer than what the upscaled phone apps look like on a larger screen. I know as I've run CM 7.2 on my Nook Color and am currently running CM10 on it today.
I am running Paranoid Android so I see the Gmail with the label column if I set it that way. I actually moved back because I just want to see inbox and the Note is just a bit to small for tablet interface... :) We will see, Apple will probably sell loads of them, but I think it is nice to have some competitors on the Android tablet side too. They feel it right now, because this issue felt a bit far-fetched for me.

Oh, did I hear it right that there is NO GPS on the iPad Mini WiFi?
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