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Google Doodle for Star Trek Anniversary
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Much like their "Don't be evil" slogan came back to bite them. Googles insistance on being trendy is something they would be best advised to slowly withdraw from I think.
+Rodney Mulraney Really? These doodles are great! You're the first person I've ever seen who's not that keen on them.
+Rodney Mulraney Oh sorry, I thought you meant you ween't a fan. I like their 'Don't be evil' slogan too. But I'm one of those people that doesn't see Google in an untrustworthy light.

Google provides me with so much useful stuff that I am happy to trust my information with them, I just don't share anything that I wouldn't want others to see (which everyone ought to do I think) Facebook on the other hand...
+Alex Masters I suppose my real gripe, is that I see things as corps vs people, as opposed to corp A vs corp B. I probably get a little over board with everyone forgetting people all the time is all. It doesn't help that I'm a software developer that understands how much of what various corps churn out is crippled versions of what would be ideal for people, so as corps / etc... have a profit margin.
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