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HARDcover for my +Nexus 7
Just got back from the IFA and I received this nifty hardcover for my Nexus 7. I will need a few days to test it and give my final verdict on +StyleCowboys.

Received this sample from

Original site:
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My n7 will arrive in a few days, but I still haven't got a cover.. I hope to finda a good one, preferably one that is also usable as a stand
yeah, I'm looking at it.. seems really nice, but I doubt they will ship internationally (and if they do, it will probably cost me about as much for shipping and taxes, dang..)
It looks nice... how is that "super-duper" adhesive working for ya? I think I'd like to see another device retention apparatus, but other than that I dig it.
It takes a little while to get used to, but I'm liking it. Haven't taken it off since. 
just found one that's very similar to the one Mark showed in the italian amazon site: - costs less, and I have prime so no shipping, yay! I think I found the one.
Ben je niet bang dat je tablet er uit valt?
+Rob Möhlmann zit heeeeeel stevig vast geplakt! Zal er iig een test mee doen in de review ;) 
Wat ik fijn vind aan deze cover is dat de randen van de tablet vrij blijven. Covers die om de tablet heen vallen nemen de randen weg en daarmee enigszins de veeg experience :)
+Arvid Bux And how about being able to reach the power and volume buttons? I find those even hard to press without a cover...
Anybody tried using Google wallet with it?? Does it work?
+Arvid Bux heel mooie cover! Ik denk er ook aan eentje te bestellen. Gebruik je de case nog? Is de kleeflaag nog steeds even sterk als bij aankoop? 
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