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Facebook no longer needed to use +Spotify in Germany
"We are introducing this new sign-up option in order to offer non-Facebook-connected users in Germany a choice of ways to access Spotify," the company stated. "Spotify remains absolutely committed to our global strategic partnership with Facebook."

Great move by +Spotify. I wonder what prompted them to make this decision. I would love to see this also happen in other countries. 
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It shouldn't be needed anyway.  That's just idiotic.  Fortunately, I had an account from before they went to FB.
I was also a +Spotify user before they forced you to connect to Facebook. I don't understand why they are forcing new users to connect to a social network. I'm seeing this a lot lately with various sites nd services. Such connections should always be optional.
I can only assume this but here might be a reason. Companies like Facebook and others sell information about people. The more info they have on someone the higher the price will be. 

Ask spotify how much they got offered to make people use facebook to connect to their service. Some 10 years ago people paid some 3 to 4 euro's per validated e-mail address, I already read it might even be over 10 now.
That and obligating a connection to Facebook is basically free advertising for the service where it otherwise wouldnt be had they not connected to it. It can post on your behalf, after all.
Ze brengen het nu alsof het enorme service is richting hun klanten dat ze dit doen, maar eigenlijk is het alleen maar het ongedaan maken van een enorme streek die ze hun geleverd hebben.
In mij zijn ze in ieder geval definitief een potentiële klant kwijtgeraakt!
Het feit dat ze het hier in Duitsland proberen is al grappig. Je kunt hier als jeugd denk ik maar 60 procent van alle clips zien (als we het over muziek hebben) omdat de Gema alles blockt waar ze geld aan kunnen verdienen.
True +Jonathan Franklin Nonetheless, how many customers did they loose b/c of Facebook? I know loads of people who didn't even take the effort of signing up. 
+Arvid Bux honestly I have no clue. I installed the new Android app the other day, and even with my having an account prior to the requirement, I had a nice popup requesting that I connect to Facebook. I hit cancel, it kicked me back to the login. Uninstalled after trying multiple times.

I just wish rdio didn't suck hard on android. The app is decent but good God the streaming is painfully slow
Just checked it +Jonathan Franklin and I see indeed the welcome screen showing:
- Log in with Facebook
- Login with Spotify details
I am running the lastest version of the app. 
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