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Arvid Bergman (Trashapple)
I'm as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce
I'm as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce


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I was held at gunpoint and was forced to make a pinned post.

Hi I'm Arvid. I mod a tf2 group that's dying real fast. I also play saxophone a whole lot, and I'm planning to get back into studio recording after everything I need for that has been solved. And after that I'm planning to get better at python. Coffeescript best coding language. I'm Swedish, so essentially I own all your IKEA furniture through heritage.

Name: Arvid Bergman
Gender: Manboy, manboy, you can call me manboy
Age: 15
Nationality: Swede

Quite Enjoys:
Twix (especially the white chocolate variant.)
Saxophone solos
Team Fortress 2
World of Warcraft (For the Alliance)
Tooth and Tail (The Civilized shall feast)
JoJo I guess
Music types such as; Psychedelic Rock, Jazz, Trap music, Soul, Musicals, Math- and experimental rock.
Les Misérables and Miss Saigon
Norse Mythology
Budiges and parrots
Math and woah technology
De blob (first wii game I had, also has amazing music)
Animal Crossing series. Except Amiibo festival.
The simpsons (mainly old seasons, but there have been some recent goodies)
Taekwondo (fifth gup)

Quite dislikes:
Overly competitive and overly casual players
People who think I'm like, full furry, when it's really just like, a tad bit you know?
People arguing where both sides are honestly quite dumb.
Horde scum. Those beasts deserve a painful death.
Scout players, except the cool ones.

TF2: Heavy
WoW: Demonologylock
TnT: Archimedes
HotS: Varian
For Honor: Valkyrie, Shaman

Buddy chum pal friends buddy pal chum bud friends fella bruther amigo pal buddy friends chummy chum chum pals:

+Vinaria Back after half a year, and no one cares. Too bad, froggie. That's what you get for forcing me to make a pinned post I was planning to do already. hah. Can't tag you yet, sorry

+Eun-jin Narcissistic, Sadistic and not fully functional. But still arguably the most understandable, considerate and nice person I know of. Also post a drawing sometime yo

+bup The guy I've been friends with for the longest time on this platform. We've had ups and downs, but in the end, he's always been a really cool and kind guy towards me, and any people I've introduced to him, that being two. Sells some really great oak, and has been a really good scout each time I've played with him, too. All along just a good person that you should follow right now.

+Scotty Dotty One of the first artists I met on here, and has also been the one I've seen improve the most over that period of time. Very good at taking feedback, and also at writing in a bunch of languages I don't understand lol. I wish I could of been the next fear to you

+Veloxcene TF Makes the best SFM artwork I've ever seen. Like come on, that's an immense amount of skill not only in SFM, but also in photoshop and the likes too.

+ElectroShox Makes really great SFM art, and is essentially the only person on here I can talk Blizzard stuff with who actually understands what I'm talking about.

+SkyBlade The best moderator I have ever seen with my three eyes. 3D printing, programming, making websites; this guy does it all, and more. If we ever need a new owner, my vote is no doubt on him. also Spy tf2

+Guiep very loyal boy who likes taking picture of the beautiful plains of Czechia. Please take more pictures, really. Talks about a whole lot of politics that I barely even knew of. That's a sign of intellect, right there.

+Mevo Essentially a good cop, bad cop situation. Who's the good cop and who's the bad cop, you ask? No clue at all.

+A Paint Bucket Named Huey bucket with great blender skills. Also +1's essentially anything, so hey that makes me feel great.

+Caro calm, collected, and makes really great comments regarding any topics there are. If you don't make anymore Caro's random crap I'm going to have to drink a bottle of Sprite, and neither of us wants that to happen. cake

+The Average F2P I don't actually know why I follow you, your posts kind of turn me on

+Willard Wyler I don't see a whole lot of posts, but the ones I see are usually very crisp.

+TeleportedBread more active than me, to be fully honest with you. I'm a disgrace to the uniform. He was really good at making fun of uncle Dane when Dane was being pretentious.

+goth birb gf keeps posting images of some League hero who's probably not even all that cool, the owl pictures I support, but come on, owl people? What are you, an aged pine tree that's perfect for birds to rest in? Huh?

+Mr. koma is gone by now, but I'll keep on tagging him until he comes back. ...He's coming back, right?

+James S +Jeremiah Hellam +PotassiumLover why did you all have to leave us

+Bromon655 +Radish [B e e t] proud moderator and owner of TF2G+
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Also, this old guy is beginning to chug a bit. I don't like to say it, but I'm afraid that I might have to replace the piano I've had standing around since I was like, eleven.
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White ravens are some of the rarest birds in existence; but they aren't albino instead they have leucism or a partial loss of pigmentation and their eyes are typically blue.
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Now you just gotta figure out how to move it
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I think it's actually quite neat that this is real.
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Daily Fact #11:

If you're reading this you're statistically likely to be a sane human being that functions socially.
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Daily Fact #10:

I only handle in concrete non-facts here. So stop telling me to cover how America staged the moon landing. Looking at you, people in Cristi's Discord.
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