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The State of Mobile

The latest market share figures for mobile in US show that Android has 51% market share while iPhone is at 30% ; Blackberry is still alive at 12.3% but sliding rapidly - it lost 3.7% in just 3 months - while Android gained the exact same amount in that time. Samsung leads the handset manufacturers with an impressive 26% share while iPhone is at 14%.
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+Shaker Cherukuri This looks like your insights are ahead of the news!!!!! I'm on Chapter Five of Objective C! ;')
com Score reports are always shady when it comes to mobile and especially when they release a month to month chart. I rather prefet a Quarterly chart which is 95% accurate.
+Abhijit Dhakne I believe this particular report is a quarterly report - based on 1st quarter ending March 2012.
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