After a double-bill at the cinema tonight, I thought that I would try out #photosphere on my new #Nexus5 . It was pretty dark, which I thought would give me a good opportunity to test the sensor too. Having my #Nexus4 on JB4.3 with me only made it an awesome opportunity to run a quick comparison. If you were expecting the Spanish inquisition, I'm sorry to say that you will be disappointed - this is only a short crib.

The experience of shooting the photosphere on Nexus5 was a bit weird - the captured frames tend to move around within the screen even when the phone is stationary (almost as if they were being arranged), and more importantly, most of the frames were just very very dark though I waited for the exposure to adjust. At the end, they turned out fine. It was definitely much quicker to complete the photosphere - I took around 1:20 to finish it on the Nexus5. But for some reason, the end product has some trails as artifacts, as you can see. Also, the alignment of the dots seemed to be off right from the beginning.

In comparision, I took around 2:30 to shoot the same photosphere on the Nexus4 with JB4.3, and it worked brilliantly. I must confess that I was trying to match the time set on Nexus5, and hence, ended up messing it up a bit.

From this very very basic initial assessment, I'm a bit worried that I might have shelled out £350 in vain. The mess-up could be due to some calibration errors, or because I didn't know how to use the upgraded photosphere, or maybe it just isn't as good as it was. Here's hoping that it is not the latter. Needless to say, I'm very eager to try out a few more photospheres on the Nexus5 now.

+Evan Rapoport , +Adam Lasnik - any help will be appreciated. As you can see, the results are markedly different! Am I doing something very wrong here?

Oh, in case you were wondering about the movies, Thor is entertaining, and I haven't made up my mind about Ender's Game yet.

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Nexus 5 Photosphere Test
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