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Mountain driving along the "Hairpin Bends" - Kerala, India.
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Arun SK

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Looking at this picture just calmed me altogether.... excellent work of art.
"with snow this early, it's going to be a long winter".

Comment my uncle heard after this latest springtime snowstorm.

Painting EARLY SNOW by DWJackson
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Arun SK

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+Željko Vranić is now the top scorer genius in "Threes Classic - Free". He has scored 87,669 points!!

Previous top scorers -  +Anna Gurevich & +Emily Meike 
So boys overtook girls :)
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That is some going. I jump up and down when I get over 20,000.
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Arun SK

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So get up, shutdown and leave :)
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Arun SK
Ha ha ... nice... +Gerri Taylor :)
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Arun SK

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There are three kinds of people - those who understand math and those who don't :)


#threees   #threesgame   #threesonline  
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I just got hooked thanks!
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Arun SK

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True story!!

As it's Easter - Love Thy NEIGHbour
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Arun SK

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Why I stopped walking...
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Arun SK

Mobile Devices  - 
A very useful note taking android app with security.
Play store

>> Notepad
Ruled & Un-ruled Text
Attach images and videos
Complete text formatting options
Undo/Redo edits
Add Reminder
Share notes
Random password generator

>> Spreadsheet
Complete cell text formatting (bold, italics, background color ... etc)
Formula support with entry helper
Formulas can reference other formula cells
Inserting/Deleting rows and columns with automatic formula range correction
Text-to-speech: Read notes aloud
Customizable background themes
Custom fonts.

>> Checklist
Easy addition and removing of items
Drag and sort list item order
Sharing support
Custom fonts
Add reminder
Text-to-speech: Read out items
Custom list sorting
Automatic marking of checklist as completed when all items are checked
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Arun SK

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You'r fired
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Arun SK

Catching Fire Discussion  - 
There are three kinds of people - those who understand math and those who don't :)


Just for kicks in between the fires :)

#threees   #threesgame   #threesonline  
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SleepTime calculator - Sleep and wakeup refreshed and energetic

SleepTime calculator lets you find the best times to sleep so you wake up refreshed and energetic.

SleepTime Calculator

http://www.sleeptime.skipser.comHow your day goes depends a lot on how good you sleep. A good sleep makes you healthy, intelligent and alert

Threes Classic - Free

A tiny game for brainy people. Threes is an addictive simple puzzle game where you match similar numbers. You can combine ones and twos, but

Sec Notes - Free

Sec-Notes keeps your secrets secure and safe on your android. You can create simple notepad type notes or spreadsheets(Excel type).What make

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