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"Color Matching : How I Got the Shot" excellent article about a simple way to color match a composite 
This article will solve the problem of COLOR MATCHING when composting two images that were not created under the same lighting conditions.
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Ok... This is something a lot of Phitogs will crave... "Apple Unleashes a 5K Retina iMac that Features the World’s Highest Resolution Display"
Apple today announced its latest version of the iMac all-in-one desktop computer -- one that some serious specs for photographers. It features what the com
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Arturo Robles Maloof

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Mi Nikonistas friends, have you had a similar experiencie with your +Nikon USA or +NikonCanada camera?

Although my [insert one of the camera brands I have had in the years past] camera never had any issues, I would love to know that the camera manufacturer who makes it will take care for their customers. 

+Chrysta Rae has given so much time to the photog community that she deserves a brand new camera, not only her own fixed. That's why you have to take the tie to read this and share it ;)

Dear NIKON (+Nikon Canada Inc, +Nikon USA)
My name is Chrysta Rae.
I AM a full-time professional photographer - even though you don't consider me one.
I make my living doing interior/architectural photography.

I was a devoted Canon user, until I heard about your amazing 14-24 mm wide angle lens.
Because of that lens, I switched to Nikon.
And I was SO excited and proudly told everyone that I had switched.

I spent ALL of my savings (I am a single Mom, so let me tell you - spending over $5,000 on a brand new Nikon D600, a 14-24 lens, a 28-300 lens, a Nikon SB-700 Speedlight flash was BEYOND my financial limit by a LOT. a LOT.) 

My photography changed instantly - the camera is unreal and that lens was worth every penny - BUT day ONE I discovered these spots on every single one of my photos. What the heck?

So I researched. And found out that there were more people with these spots while using the D600.

So - instantly I went back to the retailer I bought the camera from. NO WAY can I go out EVERY day, take between 100 and 1,000 shots AND remove SPOTS from each and every photo. And - I do know about spot removal and sync in Lightroom, but just to make it clear - the spot is in the same spot, but my SHOTS are different - so the spot in one shot is on a wall, the next is on a window/bed/lamp/sky/carpet… so sync does not help me.
The salesman felt awful - as he recommended Nikon, which spurred me into doing the research and eventually led me to switch. 

BUT… the only thing he could do for me was to take the camera back, and send it to you. But… I need my camera… every single day… it's how I earn my living. If I don't have my camera, I not only lose income, but potentially clients. They NEED photos - right away - if I don't have a camera, I can't shoot, and they go to another photographer who HAS a camera.

I begged for a loaner camera. How can they sell me over $5,000 of equipment… and NOT HELP ME?!!!

So I called you.
And all you say is that I am not a "professional photographer" and not a part of your super duper "professional" photographer club BECAUSE I do not own 2 professional camera bodies. 

blink, blink

If I HAD two cameras, I wouldn't be in this dilemma! I would happily send the DEFECT camera in to be repaired and not skip a beat. But I do NOT have thousands of dollars laying around to spare for another camera!

So I trudged on. Miserable.

The spots then multiplied. By a lot. To a point where I shed more than a few tears, AND finally had to buy a cleaning kit to try to clean the sensor myself. If you could possibly imagine, not one single place in my city cleans the sensors - which added to my terror of doing it myself.

Thankfully it worked.

For about a week.

And then the spots came back. So I cleaned it again.

And this has continued since July of last year.

I continued to call, to send messages to your Facebook and Google+ community pages, and hoped beyond hope that you would just help me.

But… you didn't. And I am STILL out shooting with a camera I now HATE because of those spots.

I always wondered how on EARTH you could sell me a camera for THAT much money, and it was A DEFECTIVE camera, and NOT HELP ME.

And I am a kind person. I never ONCE did a mean post to you, I never went to my over 1.2 million followers on Google+, NOR my over 250,000 followers on Facebook to SAY how you weren't helping me… because… well I just thought you would come through for me, and I didn't want you to help me simply because I made a stink.

And then yesterday, I read that you are allocating $17.7 MILLION DOLLARS to repair D600 issues and "YOUR REPUTATION".

So… does this mean you will HELP ME?!!!
Could this possibly mean that you will take it upon yourself to help me ) - someone who does a great deal for our beloved photography community - who has begged for help countless times and received not one iota of help other than, "send in your camera and in a few (up to 8 weeks) we will fix it". Does this mean you will possibly make an exception to your exclusive club and consider me an actual professional photographer who deserves a loaner camera while fixing/replacing my PIECE OF CRAPOLA that I worked SO hard to buy?

Could it be that I can MAYBE say that I am a proud Nikon user again?

#nikonphotography   #nikonphotographers   #nikond600   #nikoncanada  
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Nothing to thank, good luck!!
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Another popular Photo on #500px ;) #Hogwarts   #HarryPotter   #IslandsOfAdventure   #Universal  
Islands of Adventure,
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Panorama of #Chicago  's #skyline  at sunset...
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That is awesome
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Arturo Robles Maloof

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"The Singh Project: Portraits that Show the Diversity of Sikh Men"
Traditional Sikh men are immediately identifiable by their characteristic beards and turbans, but that doesn't mean that each Sikh man is the same. With ov
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¡Hola a todos!
El día de hoy tenemos la caminata más grande del mundo, el Worldwide Photowalk en San Ángel en la Ciudad de México. Quién quiera unirse tenemos más de 10 lugares disponibles (es grátis) Y la mejor foto de la caminata se ganará un año de suscripción a KelbyOne. ¡Los esperamos! (regístrense en la liga de abajo)
#wwpw   #wwpw2014   #SanAngel   #mexicocity   #Mexico  
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Si usan Mac, estas son buenas recomendaciones...
Apple is always playing up how your Mac and iPhone work great together, but that goes well beyond boring old uses like iCloud syncing or AirDrop. A few apps have come up with clever ways to make your iPhone and Mac work together for tasks like sharing clipboards, typing in passwords, and more. Here are some of our favorites.
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#Chicago  through my eyes... #MakePhoto   #Travel  #CityscapePhotography
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Arturo Robles Maloof

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¿Están de acuerdo en darle al poder Ejecutivo en México la facultad de apagar las telecomunicaciones (incluyendo internet) donde decida que sea cuestión de seguridad nacional, sin pasar por el poder Legislativo?
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"Yo estoy claro de que a Enrique Peña Nieto no le gusta internet, no  quiere que exista un internet libre en México por eso no plantea llevarlo a más personas, y al contrario plantea controlar los contenidos y bajar el switch." indicó Jesús Robles Maloff.
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Geek Engineer, Photog
Annoying sensible people, Finding the cause of the Root, too much Lightroom
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    Architectural Photographer
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Solamente un geek gamer fan de la fotografía
Soy solamente un ingeniero geek fan de la fotografía... ¡Y qué fan! Desde que mi padre me introdujo a la fotografía y me dejaba (con mucha supervisión) usar su Canon AE-1 he amado este arte. Después de pasar por otras cámaras de film (no slr) y un par de digitales y más de 20 años después regresé a mi inicio con una cámara Reflex y con la cámara reavivé mi pasión por la fotografía. ¡Cuanto extrañaba el control! Es increíble el poder que tiene una cámara a nivel de "consumidor" Ahora my pasatiempo es crecer como fotografo y buscar mejorar mi fotografía, además de que me encanta enseñar lo poco que he aprendido y realizar fotopaseos para convivir con personas que amen la fotografía tanto como yo. Si estás en la ciudad de México, ¡pregúntame por el próximo photowalk!

Just a geek engineer that loves photography!
And what a fan! I have loved photography since my father introduced me to the photography and let me use (with his supervision) his Canon AE-1. After a pair of film cameras and another pair of digital ones, neither SLR and more than 20 years later I came back to my roots with a DSLR and rekindle my pasion of photography. How I had missed the control!
It is really incredible the power that a "consumer" level DSLR has. Now my hobby is to grow as a photographer and make better pictures, besides teaching the little I know, and organize photowalks to hang out with other photos who share the same pasion as me. If you are near Mexico City, drop me a line, I'll let you know when the next photowalk will be.
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