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Does anyone use emacs for interacting with Mathematica?

I want to play with the emacs modes for interacting with Mathematica.
I remember I gave it a shot about a year ago, and I was a little lost at the number of options (math-mode, mma, Mathematica-mode, emathica). Now I'm hoping for the remote chance that someone here has tried one of those... 
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Pinging +Xah Lee; given his liking for Emacs and Mathematica I'd be astounded if he didn't use the one to interact with the other. :)
Xah Lee
nah, i don't know the answer. I think Wolfram abandoned any association with emacs since late 1990s. He was a emacs user.
In 1990s, i think it's not uncommon to run M in emacs. I think one of the  package mentioned was one of them. Though, i never tried. I started emacs in 1998. I started Mathematica in ~1993.
I have had a decent experience using mathematica.el, even wrote some stuff for my old config to insert exported images into the buffer. However, the vast majority of my usage scenarios are satisfied by just running the kernel in a shell buffer.
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