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Hi everyone, hope your week is going well :) Just wanted to let you know what our busy Camerapixo Team is working on:

--- We have UPDATED our FREE download INSPIRING PHOTOGRAPHERS V.2. Please take a look and register to enjoy.

--- MEDIA KIT -- Advertising choices and very PROMOTIONAL prices --- available to download:

We very much appreciate your comments and suggestions about our services.
... Do you enjoy what we have to offer?
... Are you taking advantage of it?
... Is it valuable information?
... Do you want to more how to promote your photography with Camerapixo?
Contact to us:

If you want to send us your testimonial about the magazine, please do it now... Enjoy your day and share this information with your CIRCLES :) Thank you.

New cool ideas how to promote your photography is on the way, stay tuned!
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Thank you for all your hard work, both you and you better half are doing wonders for our Art and photographers around the world
Thanks a lot Artur - keep up the good work with the Magazine!
This just made my iPad so much better! :)
Thank you, humble to be among such an amazing group. Congrats to all
What an awesome collection of photos to be showcased in a collage like this one....Interesting!