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Celebrating and discovering art
Celebrating and discovering art

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I’ve designed an online web app that artists can use to find the right paint color. In color theory class you learn to mix shades, tints and tones of colors. It’s a great way to learn color. However, you don’t always have all of those charts with you when you are painting. So this is a simple way to pick out colors, the app will automatically tell you the paints you need and you can save or share the results.

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A little blog post I wrote on how art translates to music. Maybe proving I'm not totally weird for liking abstract art. ha ha

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Design your own Christmas Ornament  with our free app. It will be added to the big Christmas tree for all to admire... or mock... whatever. :)
App Link:

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A wonderful painting by Rembrandt! Truly capturing an act of compassion.
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