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David Oliveira was born in Lisbon in 1980. He holds a degree in sculpture from Lisbon University and since 2005.

Exploring the idea of line and space, Oliveira plays on optical illusion. Two dimensions become three dimensional works of wire art.

His wire sculptures evokes the appearance of a sketch suspended. Fashioned only in line, the viewer fills in the space to see the character beyond.

His work has featured in Arte Lisboa, a national art fair which brings together works from contemporary and modern art galleries.
Lisbon, Portugal artist David Oliveira
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This is very cool likean illusion but it looks almost as if you are their or loved ones you will be their for you and you for them. That you will be their for them in heart and mind. Cool you should do more of these.
these are cool because you can see different things in the one picture so go on and do some more for us. on second thought it is boring!!!!
this  is  very  facinating.....i  wonder  if  it  be  applied  to  rodins  the  thinker  ...thank    you  for   the   stimultion......dmb
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