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The Artisan Food Trail

We've been lucky enough to be able to put Hibiscus Lily's Spice Orange, Lemon & Lime Marmalade through it's paces after winning a silver award at this years marmalade awards.
Forget what you think you know about marmalade, this really is something different and it definitely gained our approval.

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Traditional Taste: Turkey on test

Christmas can be stressful enough for most of us, what with all the presents to find and wrap, not forgetting someone on the card list and then there's the food preparations to be made.

The one time of year when you just want everything to be perfect and get it right, especially if you have certain 'difficult' family members, you feel the celebratory meal has to be faultless.

A big turkey is a traditional choice but has gathered an unfortunate reputation for being bland and dry. Not what you want on the day when no amount of gravy is going to rectify the situation.

Christmas came early for us this year as we were delivered a turkey to try from Morton's Traditional Taste from Norfolk.

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Chicken, Fennel & Apple Pasta Salad

Chicken goes so well with creamy textures and the aniseed flavour of tarragon and fennel.
Our salad uses Susannah’s Sauces Tasty Tarragon Mayonnaise to create an unctuous herbal sauce which combines with pieces of crunchy tangy apple.

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Chicken Tikka with a Mauritian Twist

These tasty pieces of chicken are bursting with tang and spice and take no time at all to make, just the marinating takes a while, leaving you to do something else or just relax.
Easy to cook under a hot grill, or if you prefer, over glowing barbecue coals.
We used Ragini's Mauritian Curry Powder for some heat.

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Competition time: Win an artisan cheese selection from The Courtyard Dairy for Father's Day

This competition is definitely for cheese lovers everywhere and would be a perfect gift for your Dad on Father's Day.
Our newest member, The Courtyard Dairy have kindly offered to give away an artisan cheese selection to one lucky winner's Dad (although you might want to keep it for yourself as it's so irresistibly good!)

(UK entry only)

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Introducing one of our newest members, The Courtyard Dairy.

The Courtyard Dairy was created with the ethos to sell only the best cheese available from the British Isles by Andy and Kathy Swinscoe.

Championing small independent farmers, The Courtyard Dairy stocks and supplies a carefully chosen range of unusual and exquisite cheeses, selected direct from individual farms. The selection process is very exacting and only cheese that is superior in quality and taste makes it onto their shelves.

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Susannah Ferguson's love of food and her want to encourage younger palates to become more adventurous spawned her cottage industry business making a range of savoury and sweet sauces known as Susannah's Sauces (naturally).

Recently we had the privilege to try the fruits of her labours when she sent some jars to us for testing.

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Blossoms Syrup sent us an array of fruit syrups to test which have been keeping our taste buds occupied with a kaleidoscope of fruit flavours.
From vibrant berries through to tropical delights, Aude Dupont Dudley, of Blossoms Syrup has captured the concentrated essence and pure flavour of real fruit.

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The Artisan Food Trail Still using traditional methods and only top notch, authentic, natural ingredients, Fudge Kitchen have added the Delectables range of brittles and caramels.

Following their successful Peanut Brittle, Fruit Caramels and Pecan Turtles, Fudge Kitchen have now introduced Almond Bark and a Pecan Brittle both produced with Fudge Kitchen’s style and commitment to producing the best, with a twist.

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Fudge takes the spice route

Not all fudges are the same especially when it comes in flavours like these. Hibiscus Lily use their spice combining know-how to create luxury melt-in-the-mouth fudge that is bursting with exciting taste sensations.

You could go for more traditional flavours but if you like something more adventurous we recommend you explore these.
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