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Dear Google.

When I ask for updates on one NHL team, why the hell do you infest my feed with every possible NHL news article and score update imaginable? WTF? I don't care. Stop being annoying. 


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My Four in February for 2015:

Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
Guild Wars 2

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Seriously cool app for viewing wallpapers, spaceporn, and really any image-based subreddit. 

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Today NASA launched a test flight of Orion, and I could watch this video on repeat all day long. 

I find it mildly upsetting that "technophile" is not in most auto-correct dictionaries, but "technophobe" is. 

Seriously? You would think that of all the people in the world those who designed these dictionaries would include the word technophile. 

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Some very  useful information, this.
The best deals on Steam games aren’t on Steam - I’m a pretty big advocate for Steam as my game library of choice. Despite my wallet falling victim to the major Summer, Autumn, and Winters sales, there are plenty of year-round deals for games that activate on Steam if you know where to look. Here is my strategy for keeping up with all the discounts and how I find the best deals. On the lookout for deals in general? /r/GameDeals updates frequently t...

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Show your support of +CultureMass with our new tshirt! Available for 3 weeks only.

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Autumn nature walk with the wife. Outside isn't so bad, even though the color balance was in need of calibrating.

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GRID: Autosport - Codemasters is no stranger to the racing genre, and they have been producing high-quality racing games for many years. It should come as no surprise to racing fans that their recent entry GRID: Autosport delivers on all marks and pushes the excitement straight to the redline. All possible race events in GRID: Autosport fall into one of five categories: Touring Car, Endurance, Open Wheel, Tuner, or Street. Each of these categories has a very informative...

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Ancient Space (Review) - Notice to our readers: CultureMass as a whole, and the Games column specifically, will soon be going through a refresh. Our column reviews will be transitioning to make the reviews a wee[...]Source: CultureMass
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