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Smoothieboard v1.1 coming in a few weeks.


TL;DR : We are getting 1/32 allegro drivers, and diode protections for small mosfets running fans.

Changelog :
Smoothieboard v1.1 (2016/10)
- upgraded stepper drivers to A5984 drivers with 32x microstepping
- added a solder jumper (JP36) for MS3 on new A5984 drivers
- changed the current limiting resistors (R78,R65-R68,R84-R85) for VBB powered LEDs to 8.2K
- added an electrolytic capacitor (C84) to the 5V power system
- moved the electrolytic capicitor (C63) for the 5x mosfet set and increased its footprint size
- added flyback diodes (D7-D9) to small mosfet outputs to protect from inductive loads like small fans
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Looks awesome. I might want to wait until 2.0 to upgrade, though :)

You mention flyback diodes, which I assume 1.0 doesn't have. If I wanted to add those myself, should they be placed close to the mosfet, like inserted into the connector together with the wires, or should I solder them as close to the fan as possible? Or does it matter at all?
Perhaps a bit late to make a change but I noticed the thermal pads for the M1-M4 stepper drivers have thermal reliefs but M5 does not. Was the intentional or an oversight? Won't this have a negative impact on the heat dissipation capabilities of the M1-M4 drivers since it essentially insulates heat conduction to the large upper foil?
They all have very good heatsinking, this has been very well tested.
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