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Need your opinion, is this false advertising ?

We are using the bambino as the developpment platform for Smoothie2 and the Smoothieboard v2 hardware :

On the product page, it says : « The Micromint Bambino 200 is the first multi-core SBC compatible with the .NET Gadgeteer and mbed frameworks. »
This is a big part of why we chose that chip and that development board : mbed is a HAL, if this board works with it, it's a huge amount of work we don't have to do.

However, it turns out their port of mBed to this chip is extremely weak : it only has very basic stuff, and nothing complex like USB, SDIO or Ethernet works.
Needless to say we were very dissapointed, and it's part of why v2 has taken so long ( it's taking up more and more speed now ).

So the question is : looking at the product page, do you think this is false advertising ?

Micromint - Supplier of single board computers and embedded control systems
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Knowing what I know now, I would have instead started with the LPC4337 based board from NXP. Hopefully they will have the drivers out in the next few weeks; very frustrating!!!!!
Not much help here I am afraid, I don't know enough about it to make an informed decision, but my gut feeling is they are verging on misleading, maybe legally OK, but bending the definitions of what it really is.
Two things I've learned from technical sales teams.

They lie.
They don't really know what you are asking.

+Michael Johnson I emailed them and they seemed to understand the problem. Their excuse was a complete non-sequitur ( somebody else got more recognition from somebody else about something so we gave up on doing this work ( won't give more detail as email was private ) ). They didn't change the product description still ..
I have been working with their support people to get their code updated for the current mbed and released on their site; I am hopeful it is only a few weeks away, but then again….
+Douglas Pearless They mentioned they had more code than what was on their github for a long time but it just wasn't published. I really hope they publish it soon.
Yea I understand, in working with telco equipment vendors it's not that different honestly. They check the box on a feature, but the implementation is either badly documented or workable under specific use cases that simply don't happen in the real world.

Sadly it seems you were duped. And the pathetic part is they will continue to claim compliance as there's no baseline established by the specification to make such a claim.
Yeah it's a bit sad that other people will fall in this trap ... and in the end it's really hurting everybody ( but their sales I guess ... )
I'd say it's not false advertising in a legal sense, the board does support mbed frameworks... It just does so poorly. Now, if you talked to someone in their sales department and told them about your specific need for mbed support for things it didn't support and they sold it to you anyway there's a bunch of other legal claims that open up. But their site isn't itself false advertising.

It's the worst kind of overstating capabilities, though, and a good way to lose customers and get a bad reputation. 
I am expecting to receive some embed support code for USB and Ethernet on 7th of November, they don't had the Micro-SD on their roadmap (yet)
I became a bit disappointing with the board. Although they advertise a bunch of capabilities they only made code available for a few of the simplest, and even these were not as complete as expected. An example of ir was the analog inputs to which they only support the shared pins and not the analog only. The good news is more people are using the LPC43xx and I believe will then contribute.
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