So, should I post this, or should I not ?
Ok I guess I'll post it.
I'd ask you to guess what it is, but it's written on it.

It's awesome work from Logxen, we are making a prototype soon, and it's going to be epic :)

Also, it supports up to 4 extruders/hotends. Now you can stop asking for that. First person to ask for a board with 5 extruders/hotends, gets kicked in the nuts.

Important distinction : this is the Smoothieboard v2 PRO. The Smoothieboard V2 won't have the fpga, the 1/256 stepper drivers, the Edison embedded computer, and many of the other neat features.
The Smoothieboard v2 will pretty much be like the Smothieboard v1, but based on the same Cortex-M4 chip as the Smoothieboard v2 PRO.
Hope I didn't loose you.
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