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Arthur Tucker
I mainly follow SpaceX, Tesla, and Google
I mainly follow SpaceX, Tesla, and Google


Not sure who to pitch this product idea to, but it might be useful to people with some older cars. What if there was a USB C (or Lightning) car charger that also houses a USB DAC/Amplifier with a line-out. This could go to an AUX port, FM transmitter, cassette adapter, or whatever.

Edit: Well submitted the idea to some companies, guess we'll see if it takes.

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I have a feeling +Linus Torvalds would really hate +elementary OS Loki then.
Setting up my new laptop. Am once again reminded that the crazy UI people continue to think that "DPI" is something meaningful. No it is not. The number of pixels matters. Not the DPI.

The new laptop has the same resolution as my desktop, but apparently because the laptop screen is smaller, gnome seems to decide on its own that I need an automatic scaling factor of 2, which blows up all the stupid things (window decorations, icons etc) to a ridiculous degree.

And obviously none of this is documented anywhere, nor are there any sane settings to edit it. Because "settings confuse people". So instead, you have to do this:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface scaling-factor 1

because unlike having some UI in the gnome settings center, that confuses nobody.

What the hell is wrong with UI people? What insane person thought that it's a good idea to say "oh, you have a 13.3" QHD+ display, let's make it act completely different from your 28" QHD+ desktop display and waste all that precious screen real estate with stupid window borders and big fonts in your title bars?"

And especially if you have some heuristic tunable that makes random UI decisions for people, give me a simple setting in the control center that says "no, I really know better than you do".

But no.

Writing a G+ rant just to remind myself for next time this insanity happens.

So Microsoft's E3 Press Conference and Apple's WWDC Keynote overlap quite a bit. Yay... 😒

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Found a Tesla in the Land of Subarus.

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I love ChromeOS's design.  

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"2015: A SpaceX Odyssey"

The music completes this.

Fun fact: SpaceX uses GoPros on their rockets.
Falling Back to Earth

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Crucial's social media presence is kinda awesome.

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Be kind to the machines people.
Once, I got a little caught out as the traffic transitioned from slow moving back to normal speed. I was in a lane between a Google car and some random truck and, partially out of experiment and partially out of impatience, I gunned it and cut off the Google car sort of harder than maybe I needed too... The car handled it perfectly (maybe too perfectly). It slowed down and let me in. However, it left a fairly significant gap between me and it. If I had been behind it, I probably would have found this gap excessive and the lengthy slowdown annoying. Honestly, I don't think it will take long for other drivers to realize that self-driving cars are "easy targets" in traffic.

Do you want to take advantage of machines? Because that's how machine uprising starts. #TerminatorGenesis

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Just signed up for classes at the DATC.
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