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I'm human! I think.
I'm human! I think.

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My extreme build for a lvl 1 survival Nuka world run. I used the special book for endurance to get the solar perk for 2 points in strength and endurance. Need those HP points bad for this run. Made it to the transit center and killed assaultron to make lvl 2. Made it through to the collapsing floor without dieing. Took a save back at the monorail bed. Gotta go to work now. Will continue the gauntlet tonight.

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This is going 2 be good.

I have an issue........

Im building in Hangmans Alley but the build mode says i cant build more. I dont have that much. I have seen other alley homes built with much more. I tried deleting some then trying building more and still no luck. Any one know whats up? 

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So i was looking through a quad vlogers page at his subs and saw this guys name. Had to check him out and all i can say is damn!!!


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This is great twist on a build vid. Worth a watch.

Hello all. I just recently joined this community. I am a noob quad copter pilot. I recently bought a Syma X5C-1 as a trainer after playing with my nephews at Christmas. I still crash more than fly but I will get it.

I was looking around and found a great deal on Fakebook for a quad copter FPV racer with a Spektrum DX6i radio and a pair of Fat Shark goggles. I also got a small FPV indoor drone with it. So I have a goal to graduate to the racer and a great indoor quad for rainy days and practice.

I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of questions in time and look forward to learning from more experienced pilots. Just wanted to say hi.

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I have been away from us ksp for a while. Im trying to get texture replacer for 1.2 the updated list says it is compatible but the link goes to a 1.1 version and does not work. I have used this mod before so im sure it is installed correctly. Any advice from anyone?

Quick edit. Im using windows64 verzion. Are there still so many issues with this version that mods dont support it still?

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If you dont already watch this guys fallout vids you should try em. His commentary is hilarious and he is not a bad player either. This is his short guide to starting out in survival mode. I suggest you check out his survival run and his no guns run. Both are great.

PS4 will not be getting mods for Fallout 4.

Press release said Sony would not approve users mods to allow them to be used in a way for players to do what ever they want.

Bad move for Sony and this make Bethesda look bad too. Oh well, i dont even use the mods on X box

What do you think of this news?

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