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This is surprising. I've never thought much about the Green Party, but there it is. According to this, I'm moderately left of center.
Your beliefs on Immigration, Education, Domestic Policy, Social, and the Environment side you mostly with Green Party. You are most concerned about Religious Freedom Act.
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I got a 91%/90% split on them and the democrats. I think its rigged. but then again I agree with a lot of those policies I just done like any political party that would have me as a member. 
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Is it possible to unlearn how to ride a normal bike? According to this, it is. Very interesting
thomas kroepfl originally shared to Bikes:
This was interesting, I'd like to try the bike. 
Riding a bicycle is a life skill we learn as kids that sticks with us for a lifetime. Once you learn it, you never forget it. But...
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Yeah, they had one of these at Maker Faire a few years ago. I was determined to just keep the wheel straight and coast in a straight line. I made it about four feet.
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My daughter became a United States citizen today. In typical teenager fashion, she tried to play the whole thing off as boring and ordinary, but I know better. ;)

61 people from 29 countries were naturalized in today's ceremony.

My camera app crashed just as the oath was getting started and I had to restart it, so the first few seconds are missing. If you want to hear it all in its entirety, you can see a video at the link below of when my wife was naturalized back in January of this year.
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That's fantastic. 
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So cute :3
"I think we over-excited him."FOX 5 Atlanta's pet of the day is a precious little tabby kitten named Mister Meowgi. He meows a lot, he's playful, and he's a bit of a show-off. Watch Mister Meowgi exec
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This just flashed through my mind for some reason...
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+Trudy Roberts​ No. It'sh a joke about the way he talksh.
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What is it about inclement weather that makes some people with large 4x4's race around like maniacs?
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Four Wheel Drive != Four Wheel Stop
There is a video from a few years ago here in Colorado Springs. During a particularly bad snow storm, one of the main streets that runs West off of Powers Blvd. was particularly icy. It's a rather steep uphill stretch, and the entire hill was littered with cars on each curb that had tried to drive up the hill, lost traction, and skidded back down, often colliding with other unfortunates. Bad storm, no Police on scene yet, but lots of people around trying to direct traffic and warn people off.
This jack-hole in a big 4x4 blazes right up and by the guy trying to divert people, ignores the guy, and guns it all the way up the hill to almost the top...then starts to slide back down and smashes several vehicles.
I wished to $DIETY that someone sued him for negligence and provided that video as evidence.
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I've seen a few of these floating around here lately, and this is the most entertaining one yet.

You can see the whole Tiny Desk Concerts collection here: There's some really fantastic stuff there, and you really should go check it out.
This is one of the most bizarre musical acts I have seen... And yet one of the most fun.
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That's no longer such a tiny desk!
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There should be something for everyone here....
Corina Marinescu originally shared to UNIVERSE:
NASA Released Tons of Free Software to the Public
NASA recently published the second annual Software Catalog, a free resource that contains tools used by some of the top scientists in the world. The programs that guide spacecraft into the outer reaches of the solar system and help the Curiosity rover traverse the surface of Mars can be yours at no cost. The tools are divided into 15 categories, including aeronautics. propulsion, and system testing and handling. The release of the software programs is the result of a 2011 White House memo that promoted the positive impact of sharing government agency research with the private sector.

Give it a try here:


#nasa   #softwarecatalog   #science   #space  
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Twitchy, though.
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Also, not all of us live in quaint little mountain villages snugly nestled in a beautiful valley. Or Denver. Not all of us live there, either.
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The butchered pronunciations of Spanish place names is the most embarrassing. I hate having to "correct" people who are technically saying them right.
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This is somehow more disturbing than a mouth full of needle teeth.
Corina Marinescu originally shared to BIODIVERSITY:
The pacu is a species of South American fish with teeth that resemble human teeth. Pacu is related to the meat-eating piranha, both sharing the same subfamily Serrasalminae, although they have different food habits. The piranha is a carnivorous species while the pacu is omnivorous with vegetative tendencies.

#pacu   #coolcreatures   #fish  
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This might be the fish they found swimming in Cherry Creek State Parks's lake.
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Great service, great price.
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I live right down the street from this store, so I go here often. Always very friendly and helpful.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Food was good but nothing special. Just like every other Chinese buffet in town. Next time I'll go to a different one closer to my house and get the same food. Service was good.
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reviewed 4 years ago
5 reviews
Good service. Good food. Clean. Not very busy.
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reviewed 4 years ago